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What About Home Schooling Curriculum? How To Pick One?

This is a continuation for home schooling. Prior to planning and penciling a Pre K curriculum, I thought it was necessary to answer the following questions before I set forth on a curriculum. So here we go: What is my teaching style?What is my daughter’s learning style?What does Texas law state regarding curriculum ? Eclectic… Continue reading What About Home Schooling Curriculum? How To Pick One?

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Texas, a homeschooling friendly state!

This post is a continuation, a personal quest educating myself on how to home school in Texas. There was so much I learned just by personal research. After all the note taking and book marking on homeschooling, I compiled what I thought would be the most informative and pertinent information to share with yall. The… Continue reading Texas, a homeschooling friendly state!

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How in the world do I go about homeschooling?

Much like most subjects, skills, or crafts that I am not familiar with or have zero knowledge about, I like to spend at least 20 hours at minimum researching a subject, and teaching myself based on the information I found, and then, of course my favorite part...applying everything I learned to work . For example,… Continue reading How in the world do I go about homeschooling?

Business Start Up / Working from Home

Small Beginnings

Googling small business startup stories, I found an interesting article on reditt.com about David Wehle, the creator of the fox adventure game, The First Tree. David had no experience in coding; however, this did not limit his personal aspirations in making a video game. He used Unity and Play maker, visual scripting tools to make… Continue reading Small Beginnings

Business Start Up / Working from Home

Setting Business Goals

Hafa Adai My Friends! It was really exciting to finally have Hafa Adai Isla up and going! I could not wait to share this news with everyone! Even though, I posted just a few things up as of current day, I will be posting more items in the next week and then moving forward, as… Continue reading Setting Business Goals

Business Start Up / Working from Home

Learning How to Start up an Online Crafting business

Starting up an online crafting business is much like a horror movie – both are out of my comfort zone, and quite frightening.Similar to previous self-teaching / learning how to: couponing, editing movies, and zipper installations, I am now teaching myself how to start up an online crafting business. To be absolutely honest and transparent,… Continue reading Learning How to Start up an Online Crafting business

20 hours to Learn A new Skill

Learning How to Sew, Zipper Installation

In a previous post, Healing, Blessings and Strides, I spoke about 25+ hours, an average of 3 hours a week teaching oneself how to sew, more specifically, installing zippers on small fabric bags. To get started with this project, I gathered as much information on zipper installations, going through the regular routes of learning -… Continue reading Learning How to Sew, Zipper Installation


Healing, Blessings and Strides

Since last October, a decision was made to walk away from all work activities, blogging, creating You Tube content, stopped researching, closed shop on all projects, and terminated “Learn how to ebay” project for another time in the future.   For months, after baby arrived in May 2020, it was obvious that I was not… Continue reading Healing, Blessings and Strides

Crafting at Home

Fast and Easy DIY Gift Bags

Hafa Adai My Friends I posted a YouTube crafting video – Fast and Easy DIY Gift Bags – upcycling a goodie paper bag into a cute gift bag. Hope you like it. Please check out my other crafting videos and subscribe to my YouTube channel, Coffee With Isla for easy DIY crafts and check out… Continue reading Fast and Easy DIY Gift Bags

20 hours to Learn A new Skill

After 20+ hours of learning how to create and edit YouTube videos

After 20+ hours of learning how to create, edit and publish 6 YouTube videos in the last 6 weeks, my takeaway is this: I am a lot smarter than I was 6 weeks ago! LOL! But seriously! I have a better understanding of how to set up a video camera and most importantly how to… Continue reading After 20+ hours of learning how to create and edit YouTube videos

Crafting at Home

Easy Square Gift Card Holders

Hi Everyone, I posted a YouTube video today, Easy Square Gift Card Holders. These gift card holders are quick, fun and inexpensive to make! They are ideal for any special occasion - Christmas, Birthdays, Graduations, etc! Check it out! Enjoy! Please subscribe to my channel - Coffee with Isla for more crafting videos. https://youtu.be/qKH8BXZ9Sik

20 hours to Learn A new Skill

Using Proxy Clips for Video Editing in KDenLive

Hafa Adai Everyone, Happy Pre-Labor Holiday! Prior to editing this week’s video, I discovered Proxy Clips. Proxy clips is a copy of a video recording which temporally reduces the image, size and quality for the purpose of speeding up the video editing and previewing process on slower computer machines, like mine, Lenovo, IdeaPad 330S. On… Continue reading Using Proxy Clips for Video Editing in KDenLive

20 hours to Learn A new Skill

Editing Second YouTube video with KDenLive

Hafa Adai Everyone This week while working in KDenLive editing another YouTube video, I only focused on using these 3 basic tools: SelectionRazor ToolSpacer I have a better understanding of how to use these tools to my advantage. Unlike last week, I spent a total of 2 hours editing this week’s video – not five… Continue reading Editing Second YouTube video with KDenLive

20 hours to Learn A new Skill

Video Effects and Rendering in KDenLive

This post is a continuation of Video Editing with KDenlive After making the appropriate video edit cuts to the actual tutorial footage, I went on to creating a video introduction. To get this done, I went back to my video recording station, created an introduction video – it took 5 separate trys. Following this, I… Continue reading Video Effects and Rendering in KDenLive

20 hours to Learn A new Skill

Video Editing with KDenlive

Hello and Hafa Adai My Friends I worked on my first-ever YouTube Video Edit using KDenLive Version 20.08.0 ! At first glance, I was intimidated by all the shiny buttons – not understanding their purpose or functionality.  It took me about 5 hours of trial and error to edit an 11-ish minute video of folding… Continue reading Video Editing with KDenlive


36 weeks and 4 days in

Hafa Adai My Beautiful Friends! It has been awhile since I posted anything new. In April, my family decided it was time that I needed to slow down, focus on my health, cut back on stress, slow down on blog writing, put crafting projects on hold, postpone coupon shopping hauls tentatively and temporarily shut down… Continue reading 36 weeks and 4 days in

Crafting at Home

One Yard DIY Blanket Update

Hafa Adai Everyone! So far, I have completed 6 baby blankets! My husband and I went for a nautical and island tropical theme. We did, however find Nintendo Game Controller fabric - and absolutely could not resist! For each blanket, took 15 to 20 minutes to make from beginning to end. One side of the… Continue reading One Yard DIY Blanket Update

Frugal Living

5 Minute DIY Hand Sanitizer

Every store in a 25-mile radius of my home is completely sold out of hand sanitizer! I went to 4 different local stores, the last store I visited prior to heading home was Walgreens! And like all the other stores I visited, they were out too! AAAGGGHHH! Prior to leaving, I spoke to a Walgreen’s… Continue reading 5 Minute DIY Hand Sanitizer

Crafting at Home

DIY Baby Blankets

Hafa Adai! For the next day or two, I will be focusing my attention on making baby blankets for our little one arriving in the spring time. Yesterday, I visited Hobby Lobby for fabric and had a blast - fell in love with the tropical and nautical themed fabric! This week, March 9 to March… Continue reading DIY Baby Blankets


Hot Pockets and Jimmy Dean Deals

Hafa Adai and Happy Sunday Ya'll! I found two other great HEB deals! Yah! Here are the yellow coupon I used today:   The first deal is the "Hot Pockets, 12 pk., assorted varieties get FREE! Hot Pockets, 5 pk., assorted varieties" ***$10.82 is the curbside and delivery service price for this item. However, since… Continue reading Hot Pockets and Jimmy Dean Deals

Frugal Living

24 Things We Don’t Use / Buy Anymore

Learning how to be frugal to save money is labor intensive work, just like anything else we do that brings us great value or happiness in our lives, it requires a bit of elbow grease, patience, Google Chroming, and brainpower. As I work on being more frugal, I converted my tiny sized kitchen or extra… Continue reading 24 Things We Don’t Use / Buy Anymore


Beyond Newspaper Inserts

As a new couponer, I was truly convinced there are more manufacture coupons beyond  the Sunday newspaper - just patiently awaiting with anticipation to be discovered, clipped, paired up to in-store coupons, Target Cartwheel Offers, Walmart Rollbacks, Walgreens Register Reward Points, and clearance specials. Our only intent is to bring our items and matching coupons… Continue reading Beyond Newspaper Inserts

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Preparing for a frugal baby

As of current time, I am 25 weeks into my pregnancy. In my mind, I have 100+ weeks to go (no, not really, but honestly, it feels like that most days!) As we get closer to our delivery date, we are slowly preparing for baby’s delivery + home coming. Luckily, we have a bulk of… Continue reading Preparing for a frugal baby


Couponing for 30 days

Still on my frugal strike, I took an interest in couponing. Despite having no direction or knowledge of where to begin – I took a BIG blind leap forward and went for it! For the first 14 days of the new year, roughly about a total of 20 hours, I took time to educate myself,… Continue reading Couponing for 30 days

Frugal Living

Frugal Monthly Budget – Update

Happy New Year Ya'll! This is an update to my post Frugal Monthly Budget - in that post, I specifically, stated word-for-word the following statement "This may seem like a challenge.”…well let me be completely honest with you my friends...this declaration was the most overrated statement for all of 2019! My frugal monthly budget challenge… Continue reading Frugal Monthly Budget – Update