Baby nap time and crib safety

Babies are really big fans of consistent every day routine. It is amazing how they pick up on just the slightest change to their day. One thing babies look forward to after eating, and play time is NAP TIME. When babies are ready for sleepy time, they show very obvious signs of fatigue. Our little… Continue reading Baby nap time and crib safety

Preparing for baby’s homecoming

This particular post is to share some of the things we did to prepare for baby’s homecoming. Please enjoy this post and take away what might be useful or helpful in preparing for baby’s much anticipated happy homecoming :o) Pre-cook meals for at least a week after bringing baby home As you get closer to… Continue reading Preparing for baby’s homecoming

Counter Top Space Ideas

Our kitchen counter top space is hardly enough for food preparation or to dry wet dishes. Currently, our dishwasher is broke and awaiting for technician repair. Having an absolute need to create more counter top space, I combined 2 Cooling Racks 16x10 and with wire ties. It is versatile, I have used  it to: dry… Continue reading Counter Top Space Ideas

Grocery Shopping Efficiency

If I am not using grocery curbside or home delivery service, my choice of grocery store is Aldi, it’s a small enough grocery store to navigate through with groceries reasonably priced that won’t break the bank! Seriously! Create a grocery list that flows with Aldi (or your favorite grocery store, i.e. HEB, Walmart, Krogers, Trader… Continue reading Grocery Shopping Efficiency