Minimizing chaos – Taking a day to prepare for the next week

Prior to becoming a stay-at-home-mom, my weekdays were filled with chaos! I needed to do something quick. There was a lot of time and negative energy spent inflicting unnecessary anxiety on myself and others because I did not have my act together!  

Needing to fix my broken ways, I flipped on my “Adulting In Progress” neon sign, closed my office door and got to work on how to minimize chaos. Unsure how to start this endeavor, I thought about my specific needs that were unmet: I was in dire need to be more prepared for my next work/school week. Naturally,  I opened up an excel spreadsheet with the help of my desk calendar to help invoke my best brainstorming ideas. Eventually, with a few tweaks this is what I came up on how to prepare for my work/school week:

Pick a day out of the week that works best for you to prepare for the next 5 work/school days. For me it was a Saturday. Choose a day that works best for you. On that specific day:

  • Wake up early ON PURPOSE, give yourself an early start before the kids and animals wake up!!  
  • Make a slow cooker meal, preferably two, choose your settings, and walk away… Once it is cooked, cool it down and then fill up as many food containers as you can. Eat it throughout the week or pack it for lunches!
  • Keep basic sandwich fixings available to satisfy hunger cravings for the after work and school munchies.
  • Bake a cake, chocolate chip cookies, or maybe a tray of brownies!
  • Do laundry. Wash everything everyone will need for the next week.
    • Quick tip to cut ironing time: As soon as the dryer stops, place all good clothes on hangers and hang up in appropriate closets.
    • Involve the kids when doing their laundry.  When my kids were younger, I gave them 5 t-shirts, 5 pants, 5 pairs of socks and 5 boxers for the next week. They mixed and matched their clothes however they liked. In a hanging closet organizer, they placed one complete set of clothing for each school day.
  • Do general house cleaning that you are not able to get to during the week  – i.e organize living areas, closets, dust, sweep and mop.
  • Shop for household groceries online. Most local grocery stores have a grocery shopping curbside service. If you are too busy to leave the house, have your groceries delivered to your home. Just remember to tip the delivery person!

Sometimes these preparations took longer than one day, spilling into the next day, so I would start on a Friday evening and be done by Saturday  afternoon.

By preparing for my next work/school week, it helped saved a lot of time and energy, and less time feeling anxious. This post is not a one size fits all, but rather more of a takeaway to try or inspiration to get you started.  


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