Minimize Chaos – Online Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is an absolute must-do on a weekly basis. Once a week, usually on a Saturday, we do the bulk of our shopping on this day for basic groceries – such as food, toiletries and household supplies.  As a family, we all get in the car and off to the grocery store we go! However, the traditional sense of grocery shopping has been upgraded from what we are all familiar with till now – thanks to the internet….Of Course!!!

We now are able to shop for groceries online from anywhere at anytime – like at home in our pajamas, rocking out bed hair, sitting in a comfy lazyboy recliner! And it gets better – we can choose grocery curbside car hop service (you pull up in a designated curbside area of the store and a store representative brings out your groceries and loads up the trunk) or home delivery. It is best to check with you local grocery stores what services they have available to you.

Pen and Paper

Grab a pen and paper, make a grocery list. The first part of my list starts in the kitchen. Looking through my freezer chest, refrigerator, cabinets and pantry, I will create meals with ingredients I already have on-hand. (This is a very vital step in creating a grocery list – because you don’t want to purchase ingredients you already have.)

For example, I have 2 packages of unopened spaghetti noodles and 2 cans of pasta sauce, so on my grocery list I will write down ground beef and a bag of salad.

Another example would be having  2 boxes of macaroni and cheese, I will need milk and butter for a lunch or a dinner.

Next, I will take inventory of my stockpile inventory for items I am running low on, such as :

  • dish soap
  • dish washing tablets
  • clothes detergent
  • baking soda
  • vinegar
  • paper towels
  • toilet paper
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • bar soap
  • rice
  • frozen vegetables
  • beans

Eventually, with a complete grocery list on hand, the only thing left to do is head to the computer to do online shopping. At some point, while going through screen prompts, you will choose a grocery service, either curbside grocery pick-up or home delivery and book an appointment time to meet a personal shopper at the grocery store or have someone bring groceries to your front door!

Convenience of curbside grocery service

The convenience of curbside grocery service is great way to shop, however there are a little more fees involved when using this shopping method such as:

  • personal shopper fee
  • driver fee
  • mandatory tip of 2 to 5  percent
  • convenience fee is tacked on to each item you purchase

However it is definitely worth the money you pay for this convenience. After my c-section, and bringing baby home from the hospital for the first time, I was not able to drive for two weeks so I had my groceries delivered to my home.

Whiteboard and markers

In between grocery shopping, place a whiteboard and markers in a common area – like the kitchen or living room for everyone to write down items they are running low on. This list will help for next week’s grocery run.

Curbside or home delivery grocery service, in my opinion is a  million times better than sliced bread! Having someone else to do grocery shopping does allow more time to do important things during your busy day.

Are you a fan of curbside or home delivery grocery service? Have you tried it yet? Let’s have a conversation about this while we sip on a cup of coffee!!


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