Minimizing chaos during my day

An ordinary day with my toddler is an unpredictable messy adventure. The house is in disarray, toys, and dirty laundry scattered on the floor and really everywhere. Kitchen counter tops are masked with dirty bottles, dishes, and containers large or small. It was an overwhelming feeling of defeat, not being able to maintain homely order. Sometime during the day,everyday, she warranted a nap, which meant I could clean and organize while she was asleep.

For a year, it was a crazy scavenger hunt in the house on my hands and knees searching for dirty toys (we have large 95 pound dinosaur lap dog that sheds hair a lot which we vacuum on the regular), soiled laundry and collecting dirty diapers. Finally, I devised a plan to have more order because I was going to lose my mind.

Plastic tubs

I have placed one tub in high traffic areas – specifically in the:

  • Hallway (across from Lah-Lah’s playroom) and Living room: These tubs hold soiled toys (usually plastic toys), clothes, food wrappers and storage containers.


  • Kitchen: On the counter, there is a tub specifically only for baby dishes and soiled cloth napkins.


  • Bathroom: Since her clothes are still so tiny, I place all her soiled clothes in a tub separate from ours.


***Note: I found my tubs at the Dollar Tree for $1.00***

Twice a day, I go through each tub to sort for items that need to be thrown away or washed immediately. Placing tubs in designated areas has given the house a sense of order. We don’t have piles of random soiled items displaced on the floor and counter tops. The house feels less cluttered. Cleaning up the house while Lah-Lah is sleeping is less frustrating and more efficient, I no longer  scavenger hunt for soiled items or trash.

Diaper changing area

To make my day more efficient, I created a diaper changing area on the corner of my bedroom dresser, everything we need to efficiently change Lah-Lah’s diaper is all located in one spot:

  • Big tub of baby diapers
  • A collection of used grocery bags stuffed in an old infant formula tub (to bag soiled diapers and wipes)
  • A diaper changing pad
  • 2 packages of baby wipes – (One opened working package and its plus one as a backup)
  • Desitine and powder


Toddler friendly kitchen counter tops

On the kitchen counter top, I created a clean area for  baby cloth napkins and bibs neatly folded in a small boxes. Sippy cups and snacks all laid out, ready for toddler consumption.



If you are not a big fan of disposable eating ware, then the dishwasher is your kitchen appliance bestie. After eating a meal, load the dishwasher with dirty dishes throughout the day, and then before you go to bed, throw in a dish washing tablet, set the washer to clean!

Laundry baskets

Keep a laundry basket or two in common areas like in the bathrooms and one in the laundry room.

Clean as you go

For every room we spend time in, we try to do our best to tidy up after ourselves before leaving that room.  For example, if you finished a meal, wipe the counter tops, sweep up cheerios off the floor and wipe the counter tops and put the food away.  Sometimes, this is a little too hard to do, but the keyword here is “try” … Things happen…so it’s not a big deal if you can’t tidy up right away.


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