Grocery Shopping Efficiency

If I am not using grocery curbside or home delivery service, my choice of grocery store is Aldi, it’s a small enough grocery store to navigate through with groceries reasonably priced that won’t break the bank! Seriously!

  • Create a grocery list that flows with Aldi (or your favorite grocery store, i.e. HEB, Walmart, Krogers, Trader Joes, etc) store aisles. Items on your list should coincide with each aisle you walk thru.

Depending on your local store layout, the first items on your list should start in first store aisle as you enter the store, and so on. For example, my local Aldi store layout is much like this one, see below.
aldi layout.PNG
At the beginning of my shopping trip, my grocery list starts with Aldi’s first aisle:

  • Knoppers
  • Keks sandwich cookies,
  • Choceur chocolate
  • ground coffee
  • coffee filters
  • bread

While still on the same aisle, the items transition into fresh produce, my list shows:

  • Carrots
  • Mushroom
  • Spinach
  • Bananas
  • Potatoes

Moving my cart forward a few walking steps, my grocery lists still maintains the flow of the store layout, so now it is:

  • block cheese
  • cold cuts
  • Pizza

Eventually, as I navigate my way through the store with my grocery list leading the way, the last item on my list is strawberry ice cream. The frozen ice cream freezer section, also shares the same common area of the Aldi cashier check out stations (See map above!) The only thing left to do is pay for our groceries.

I know this is an interesting way to shop for groceries, but it works, it might also work for you too! I thought I would share!


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