Surviving Baby’s First Strep Throat

Sometime after Lah-Lah turned the “BIG NUMERO UNO” she fell ill with strep throat. I was not too sure what was going on with her – but we became increasingly worried because she had a fever for two days; slow to eat and drink but when she did, vomiting followed, and notably, excessively pulled at her ears…I suspected she was suffering from a stomach bug, maybe a budding ear infection or lastly, my biggest worry…strep throat. AAAGGGGGHHHH! Without hesitation, I contacted our family doctor’s office describing Lah-Lah’s symptoms. We were advised to bring her in immediately! The doctor did a throat swab, after an hour of waiting in suspense (Dun-Dun-Dun…), he came back confirming my suspicion! A BOMB EXPLODED IN MY HEAD! She definitely had strep throat. AAAGGGHHHH!

Strep is a contagious beast that needed to be shut down STAT!  I proposed to burn the house down but….my husband shot that idea down quicker than I could get  2-½ more words in to this proposal… so, obviously it was a NO GO! My second option to tackle strep was to give each room a good thorough clean. Not having a specific plan of where to start, I began my crazy cleaning quest in Lah-Lah’s bedroom and finally worked my way into the kitchen. In between all this manual cleaning, our washer, dryer and dishwasher were cleaning superstars – they were given specific jobs: wash, rinse, dry and repeat!  

As for me, here is a list of what I cleaned (some of the stuff I did may be considered a little over the top to some folks, but understandably with baby just turning one, I was worried momma and naturally followed my own crazy intuition):

Bedroom:  In Lah-Lah’s  bedroom, I wiped down her mattress, playpen, rocking chair and swing set. Stripped down her playpen of bed sheets and pillows, replacing them with new spare sheets.  All beloved stuffed animals, including Ernie and Bert and building blocks were sent to warm soapy bath and hung out to dry.

Laundry: Along with bed sheets, and stuffed animals we washed at least 6 more loads of laundry consisting of more blankets, table cloths, table mats, towels, mommy, papa and baby clothes.

Living Room: Just like Lah-Lah’s bedroom, the living room received a thorough clean – throw pillows were steamed cleaned and furniture dusted.

Kitchen: By the time I got to the kitchen, I was beyond exhausted! All the dishes I washed by hand in the last 2 days – eating utensils, plates, bowls, sippy cups and bottles, all went through a rigorous car wash-like intense dishwasher bubble bath! While that was taking place, the counter tops, drawer knobs and door handles received much needed attention – they were sprayed down in a vinegar-water cleaning solution. Lah-Lah’s high chair was taken outside for a soapy bath, and air dried.

I made homemade liquid soap to refill soap dispensers for our kitchen and bathrooms  and kept hand sanitizers in every room – for in between washes.

Hydration and Get Better Food

Trying to hydrate and feed a sick one year old is no easy task, it is especially hard when we cannot verbally communicate with one another! So I had several liquids on hand and alternated between, Pedialyte, popsicles, water, and apple juice. We tried all sorts of foods like rice, mashed potatoes and pudding…these all were rejected very quickly, but finally we got right with baked homemade potato wedges, tomato soup, red jell-o and veggie puffs until she got her appetite back!

Since Lah-Lah’s been born we have celebrated a lot of “Baby’s first” milestones, however Lah-Lah’s first strep throat was neither a milestone or celebration. It was just an exhausting nightmare.

This was a scary situation for us, and don’t wish sickness upon anybody or babies of any age.  Looking back, I think Lah-Lah handled her strep throat, better than I did! The things I did for my baby and the method of cleaning may be extreme or just-down-right-crazy to others but it was my way of nursing my baby back to health – strep throat is no fun at any age.

If there is any useful takeaways from this post, take it and run with it! 

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