Counter Top Space Ideas

Our kitchen counter top space is hardly enough for food preparation or to dry wet dishes. Currently, our dishwasher is broke and awaiting for technician repair.

Having an absolute need to create more counter top space, I combined 2 Cooling Racks 16×10 and with wire ties. It is versatile, I have used  it to:

  • dry light dishes like cups, knives, eating utensils
  • cups
  • baby bottle parts
  • Baby dishes
  • empty jars
  • Plastic containers
  • dry out fruits and vegetables
  • defrost small frozen bags

Pots and pans are just too heavy!

When I need both kitchen sinks, the rack is light enough to lean behind the kitchen sink faucet! And it’s dishwasher safe, just don’t forget to take off the wire ties!

Another way to save counter top space is using my clothes drying racks to dry dishes and toys. I have placed light dining ware such plates, spoons, forks, bowls, bottles out to dry  I extended the racks on both sides flat, laid out a large towel over the top, creating a large drying cloth canvas, clipping down the corners with clothespins.


To be more efficient in drying large amounts of dishes, I do most of my washing in the evening closer to bedtime since there was less thru traffic at night. Prior to shutting down the kitchen, I place a standing fan to help dry the dishes quicker overnight, so in the morning, I could store them away and tidy up the kitchen.

Most recently, I used my drying rack to dry off baby toys.

I would love to know if you tried these ideas and if it worked out.

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