DIY Easy Wire Bracelet

Hafa Adai  Today, I  just made a how-to-make-a-DIY Easy Bracelet tutorial video.  Prior to leaving to a family gathering on Sunday, I made myself a really cute DIY bracelet to match my Sunday outfit. The best part of this project is it only took 5 minutes to make!!! YYYaaaaHHHHH!!!! For this project, all… Continue reading DIY Easy Wire Bracelet

Scrabble Hair Clips

  Hafa Adai ! HalloLeuta!  I posted another DIY craft video today, Scrabble Hair Clips. All you need is: Salon Care metal duckbill clips, #292500 Scrabble letters E6000 glue I love to personalize gifts, and this is one of my favorite things to make for others. I make these especially for birthdays, Christmas, and Valentines,… Continue reading Scrabble Hair Clips

Toddler Laundry Tips

I previously wrote a post entitled, Counter Top Space Helpers specifically for the kitchen. This idea was sparked by being cursed with having not enough counter top space for dishes and basic appliances. Even after that post, I discovered that I needed, a daily standardized operations procedure in handling toddler laundry!  Yup, you read that… Continue reading Toddler Laundry Tips

How to Trick Out Ordinary Paper Clips

Hafa Adai (A-Day) Everyone ! Hallo Leute! Over the years, I have collected...much more like "hoarded" hundreds of buttons, flat, stud, leather, metal, pearl, resin and wood just to name a few in every possible color, shape and size. Most of my buttons came from clothing that my family and friends did not want anymore… Continue reading How to Trick Out Ordinary Paper Clips