How to Trick Out Ordinary Paper Clips

Hafa Adai (A-Day) Everyone ! Hallo Leute!

Over the years, I have collected…much more like “hoarded” hundreds of buttons, flat, stud, leather, metal, pearl, resin and wood just to name a few in every possible color, shape and size. Most of my buttons came from clothing that my family and friends did not want anymore and sometimes, I would come across great finds and one-of-a-kinds at garage sales, thrift stores, and of course online via Amazon, Ebay, Michaels and JoAnns. My favorite buttons are the ones that came from distant places that loved ones have traveled to. 

My button collection started when I was about 7 or 8 as an innocent hobby,  then slowly transitioned into a mildly crazy addiction all the way into my 20’s, and then to current day…. borderline hoarding…at least that’s what my husband calls it, “borderline hoarding” (his words, not mine!)” Ha! C’mon! Really? Is there really such a thing? I don’t even know myself, and don’t care to look into it! If there is such a thing, I am in complete and utter denial! LOL!

So Any-Who, back to my button storytelling… with my eye-rolling excessive and ridiculous button “hoarding” ways”, I found myself drowning alive in buttons, gasping for air, desperately running out of containers and secret hiding places to hide my crazy lute from my husband ; I knew it was time to get creative, and spread some joy onto others. It was only a matter of time before I “pushed my husband’s buttons” and he scorned me again of my evil button-hoarding ways!


Tricked out Paper clips

For this project, you don’t need anything expensive, you probably have these items in the house and didn’t even know it:

  • Buttons that have 2 or 4 holes, preferably
  • Paper clips, large size, preferably, Dollar Tree is the cheapest place to get really good ones
  • Sewing needle
  • Sewing thread

After gathering all my supplies, soon enough, I turned mundane paperclips into tricked out small, and very functional masterpieces!!! 


Gift Giving

Last year, I gave them away in a set of 5 as Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers’, also for birthday giveaways. Still having so many leftovers, I got into the spirit of celebrating unusual holidays that I would not celebrate on a regular basis, just to gift them to others, such as Teacher’s Day, Professional Administrative Day and Student Day. 

I created a video on how to trick out ordinary paper clips.

Have fun! Go wild! Let me know if you tried this activity. Most definitely I would love to see your creations!

Disclaimer: My button collecting /hoarding ways required a much needed husband-intervention. Somehow, I know I am supposed to be angry at him, but actually, I am more grateful he intervened…It was getting out of hand, but I will never admit that to him! Seriously! 

YouTube Channel, Coffee with Isla

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