Have a good day, and God Bless You!

After the delivery of our baby, my husband and I decided it was best that I stay home. So while I was on maternity leave, I had submitted my letter of resignation. While that was a hard pill to swallow, postpartum depression came on with a vengeance which made me a sappy crying hot mess for a few months, although, I am ALIVE and SURVIVED!  Baby is 18 months now, and remains to be my Nummer Eins Priority!

Every week, baby and I run errands together. It is always a small happy pleasure when I run into former work friends and clients to catch up on old times for a few minutes and proudly show off my sweet baby =O) Sometimes, these conversations become unfriendly with invasive unnecessary questions like: 

  • When are you returning back to work? 
  • Don’t you want to return back to work? 
  • Haven’t you found a daycare or a nanny to take care of the baby? 
  • Don’t you miss making your own money? 
  • It must be so weird for you from making good money to making zero?

I cringe every time these questions creep up into friendly conversation. Most times, I do not entertain such questions at all, I am quick to change the subject… but  sometimes, … just sometimes I need to put a few rude ones in their perspective time-out corners. 

Most recently, last week, I was asked, “How do you fill your day with things to do now that you are home with the baby? You must not be very busy at all.”  My head was blaring with fire red sirens, while keeping my cool for my daughter. I quickly bit back and replied “I fill my day with plenty enough to do which should be of NO concern to you! Thank you” Before anything else flew out of my mouth, I wished this person good bye and deleted this person’s existence off  of my social media and my life!

Looking back from last week’s conversation, I am still very offended. I have come to the factual realization that this person is not worth my time and definitely not worth my energy to stay angry with their simpleminded choice of words … so I remain cool, calm and collected! Woooo-sssssaaaaaahhhhh, (inhale)….(exhale)!

I have decided the next person I come across who offers stupid opinions, or ask offensive questions about how I fill my days at home…I will rise above that level of lowly brainlessness and will shut down the conversation immediately before it continues on and respond with these following words each time: “Have a good day, and God Bless You” then gracefully walk away with my head held high, maintaining my personal integrity fully intact.

Despite what haters think or say, I work everyday, my place of work is my home address.  My work hours are 24/7 without a promise of a lunch break or sleep! My standard uniform is a hair bun, t-shirt and yoga pants. I am not compensated in a traditional sense of money and I am okay with that!

Hate comments and ignorant questions are unnecessary, rude, and wounding, but it should NEVER define your day, neither allow you to second guess, or reconsider the choices you made for your family or why you chose to stay at home!  Do not ever feel the need to justify yourself or provide any explanation to anyone why you are at home. 

I have three different college degrees, and 18+years of work experience which allows me an abundance of job opportunities, however, before any job or any amount of money, my family as a whole and their  needs take priority above all else. I will eventually go back to work, but for right now, my priority is with my baby at home!


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