Old Shirts for bibs

My little one is growing up so quickly! I simply can’t get her to slow down either. Recently, Lah-Lah has hit yet another growth spurt – so I am doing a general shake down of all her clothes she cannot fit anymore. =:O(

The summer clothes that my mom and I purchased for this summer she no longer fits anymore…the adorable leggings that used to fit so nicely, now look like capris that appear to be cutting off adequate blood and oxygen flow from her legs to her brain! As these leggings pose significant health and safety issues, it was most appropriate to chunk them into a storage container for baby #2!

Eventually, I made head way, getting to t-shirts and tops. Lah-Lah has t-shirts that she can still wear for at least another +/-3 months…and then that’s it! These shirts are showing obvious signs of wear and tear,  the threading on the hemlines are loosening on some, they are severely stained, faded and now sporting a few holes. I am sure that the fabric shrunk over time due to constant washing and drying.

kitchen shirts.jpg

When Lah-Lah was 2 months old at the time, I purchased these shirts, they were size 24 months (There is a total of 10 t-shirts, but only had 3 at the time prior to publishing this post). At first, she wore them as pajamas, then as long dresses with leggings and socks for the winter and from then on all the way to present day – wearing them as their original intended purpose – t-shirts. Before I retire them to rest into its designated plastic tub, I decided to extend their usefulness in the kitchen, renaming them as “Kitchen shirts” replacing Lah-Lah’s bibs – three times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Lah-Lah makes loud vocal protests of wearing bibs, insisting she is a big girl now,  refusing to wear them!!! At 18 months, She has figured out that she can pull them off her neck!

Alongside neatly rolled kitchen towels is where I place her kitchen shirts. While preparing her meals, I grab a shirt out for her. When she is ready to eat, I help my little one change into a kitchen shirt. After doing this so many times, it has become a routine prior to every meal: change into a kitchen shirt, wash hands, and sit down to eat.

Since replacing bibs for kitchen shirts:

  • Eating meals have been a much happier experience for Lah-Lah and mommy=:O) Since she is a messy eater,  I only expect food and water to be splattered everywhere – face and hands down to her elbows and every where on her food table…and I am okay with this, because a full and content baby is a happy-well fed baby! It really does make a difference when she is happy and hungry because she is more likely to eat well and have a healthy food intake versus being angry and hardly eating at all, which than results into a hangry (hungry + angry) baby.  
  • we skip the frustration of putting and keeping on a bib when she does not like them.
  • It definitely saves on a few dollars of buying new bibs.
  • We have a consistent daily routine that she looks forward to.

When she is done eating, she extends her hands out to me and says “aus! aus!” (the German word for out). We then wash up at the sink and change out her kitchen shirt with lots of happy smiles.

I give her kitchen shirt a  soapy rinse, a quick wring and hang out to dry  until laundry day.


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