The benefits of toddler Cup Stacking

For about 2 months now, Lah-Lah, our little one, has had such an interesting fascination for stacking objects – particularly, drinking cups.  At first she started stacking only just 2 cups during play time. 
Observing this new playtime behavior, I spend time with her, playing on the floor with cups. She enjoys building stack-able towers, and pyramids only to tear them down! We are slowly working on putting patterns together and sequencing. Currently, she is able to stack 5 cups independently. The best part of stacking cups for Lah-Lah is knocking them down. She shows dislike when the cups fall on their own. 
I went on to do my personal research on toddler cup stacking, and found many interesting benefits. Cup stacking in their early years has its advantages when they enter school! It helps with cognitive development, increases intelligence, problem solving and critical thinking skills!
Cup stacking helps with the following:
  • Visual processing and reading
    • It makes them better readers by tracking words, reading  sentences, line by line easily. They are also able to process and absorb information in the classroom setting 
    • Children are more likely to be able to achieve higher reading scores than those children who did not stack cups
  • Hand-Eye Coordination and Bilateral coordination 
    •  Better at handling timed exams. Cup stacking helps with comprehending information faster with accuracy to obtain necessary details to select the best answer to a question or problem
  • Sequencing and putting patterns together
    • Cup stacking helps with math skills, placing things in order and sequence, problem solving and critical thinking. They are likely to do well in geometry and trigonometry.
I went on a crazy cup hunt – on Amazon, Walmart, Target and the Dollar Store. Eventually, I realized, cups are just cups! So I eventually decided on these cups, see below. It is a set of 12 plastic  sturdy and colorful cups. I ordered a set of 2 or 24 cups. This is enough to build tall towers or pyramids and pattern making. 
Since we had so much fun with stacking cups, we also got these colorful bowls for playtime!!!
Everyday is a fun-filled cup stacking-pyramid-tall-tower-knock’em-down- pattern-making-kinda-day!! Lah-Lah enjoys playing with cups and I enjoy playing with my little girl! 
You could also use canned goods, plastic containers and boxes. 


CUP STACKING: Studies Show Cup Stacking Improves Reading Test Scores and Cross-Patterning


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