On Monday, I received a large cardboard box delivery, I emptied the contents and set aside to be broken down for trash day. My curious little one insisted she had to have it!!! So, I placed it in the middle of her bedroom to go wild with this new found toy!

We sat on the floor together, at first, she cautiously walked up to the box, looking in, then paced around it several times.  Her excited curiosity fueled by the millisecond. She sized it up, by lifting up this boxy object up, and then ever so gently she placed it back down. Of  course, she pushed it around…pulled it like a wagon, and then shook it up!

Lah-Lah looks over at me,  I reached over to the box to stand it up on it’s side, created  double doors for her to open, she excitedly crawls in.

For awhile we play peek-a-boo-I-see-you for about 10 minutes, we laugh hysterically!

IMG_0967We move on to folding the flaps down inside the box. and she pushes it over, and now it looks like a really, really big brown basket. Since the box walls are too tall for her to climb over, I helped her get in. She plays with cups and balls; then she invites 5 beanie babies and 4 dinosaurs. For about 2 hours she played inside the box.

When lunch time came around, I called out for Lah-Lah to essen (eat), but she preferred to stay in her little happy box. To continue on with pretend playing and still needing to Lah-Lah to eat, I turned the box into a little picnic spot for Lah-Lah and toy bears – I used 3 text books for a mini table, covered it with a borrowed place mat, a folded up towel to sit and then set out her lunch to eat!!!!

As a toddler most of her day is determined with consistent daily routine set by me and papa – playtime with this cardboard box allowed her a sense of control to “hide away” from daily routine … even for just a little bit.

Lah-Lah is usually the smallest person in the room, and way smaller than our dinosaur dog – Shea ButterCup, this box gave her a sense of empowerment –  making her feel bigger in size.

Everyday since Monday, she plays with this box – shape-shifting,  making it anything she wants it to be!

In the evening, with routine, prior to going to bed, the box is a toy tub but in the morning it is an exciting treasure chest!!!! In the afternoon, it’s a tiny house to play peek-a-boo, prior to dinner it’s a build-a-bear / dress up bear station!

The best part of this box that I love about it was its simplicity – it required no batteries, no power-on button and no fancy instructions included. This box fueled my toddler’s imagination for hours and had lots fun! Lah-Lah’s imagination takes flight creating lots of make-believe fun play!

A cardboard box to us is just that a cardboard box – we think trash, and recycle bin but to a little one – its a treasure chest of fun imagination / make believe play…so if you have a toddler and a large box – let’em have go wild and have fun!

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