Toddler Formula and Solid Foods

My first post I wrote was entitled Should I feed my baby infant formula? In that post, I explained our crazy quest for baby formula, and finding the right one for baby as there are so many to choose from! We ran into so many hiccups – but eventually, we figured it out. It came down to us feeding our baby infant formula for the first year, despite our intended plan to mix feed (breastfeeding + infant formula). So to fast forward to current day, Lah-Lah, turned the BIG NUMERO UNO in January 2019! She is now 19 months.

At her 12 month check up, our family doctor gave us the “okay” to take her off infant formula, and give her cow’s whole milk and suggested to introduce solid foods. So we tried cow’s milk out for 7 days – that was AN EPIC FAIL for Lah-Lah’s tiny belly. She experienced vomiting, bloating, and indigestion! We stopped the cow’s milk, then immediately started toddler formula and never looked back at cow’s milk EVER AGAIN!

While Lah-Lah turned one, she still required a bottle, so we gave her toddler formula from that point on:

  • one when she woke up in the morning
  • one at mid day nap time
  • the last one prior to bed time.


February to July

For 6 months, February to July, Lah-Lah took well to store brand toddler formula, H-E-B Baby Toddler Beginnings Stage 2 Formula with (9-18 Months), while slowly introducing  solid foods, specifically, easy to chew, toddler friendly-bite-sized foods like blue berries, water melon, peas, match stick carrots, bananas, strawberries, rice and potatoes, we were observing for food allergies and digestive issues. As the months progressed we added a variety of other foods including chicken and the seldom pork. Since changing to toddler formula, Lah-Lah’s belly has been very happy, without digestive issues!


toddler step 2.PNG

reference: https://shop.hebtoyou.com/

August to Current 

As of August, Lah-Lah graduated to H-E-B Stage 3 Baby Formula, Toddler Next Step, Vanilla, 24 oz. Currently, her diet is made up of 50 “safe” foods -mainly fresh fruits, vegetables,pasta, poultry, rice and grains, which has not caused her any food allergies or digestive issues. Although, we learned very quickly she is allergic to eggs!

toddler form 1.PNG


Since she is eating more solid foods, we have eliminated the morning bottle, so we give her a breakfast fit for a happy girl – blue berries, strawberries, cucumbers and pasta noodles! It is an odd breakfast, but it works! Most importantly, Lah-Lah’s belly approves! We still give her the other two scheduled daily bottles, mid day nap time and prior to bed time.

In all those months after turning one, we were unsure if she was lacking anything in her diet that would potentially hinder brain or bone development,  so we just assumed that she was lacking some nutrition somewhere in her daily food intake –  toddler formula helped, it “filled-in those nutritional gaps”.

Recently, we completed her 18 month check-up – Lah-Lah is where she needs to be at this age, her weight is ideal and height is in the 75 percentile, and overall checks out as a healthy baby! So we have been doing something right with the combination of toddler formula + solid foods.

Still now, it is a scary adventure at meal time with baby! Introducing new foods to her is  ALWAYS a nail biting experience, as the potential of her face swelling up like a balloon fish is very likely! To lessen the anxiety, I started a Safe Food / Allergy list. This list is used to record all the foods we give her at meal and snack time. I take this list with me to all well-child check ups for the doctor to review!

Safe Food List / Allergy list 

 This is what my Safe Food List / Allergy list  looks like:

Type of food  Adverse Reaction  Meal / snack time 
Eggs  Face swelling, red spots around the lips Breakfast 
Apple None Breakfast 
Cucumber  None  Lunch 
Bananas  None Dinner 

While trying out solid foods, we now know Lah-Lah is allergic to eggs – so I put that on the top of the list in RED. This list is helpful  for baby sitters, daycare and well child check ups. It removes all guessing and minuses all assumptions of what Lah-Lah can and cannot eat!

Today, Lah-Lah had her very first personal pan pizza and did just fine. She was one happy baby with a jelly belly full of pizza, than fell asleep in papa’s arms drinking a bed time bottle!

When speaking to other parents about toddler formula – there is a back and forth debate about it. Some parents say it is …  healthy for baby…. a really good transition from infant formula….. and others feel it is a waste of money… or cow’s milk is just as sufficient…

What side of the fence are you on about toddler formula?

Grab some coffee and lets have some open dialogue…..


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