Weekend ribbon leis

Hi everyone,

All week I have been working on ribbon leis! Here are the leis that I have finished for Mommymenow ! =:O) Thank you for your response to the previous post. I hope you like them, it was really fun to work on this project.

I am still working on leis, so if  you have two favorite color combinations that brings on a smile =:O)…leave it in the comment section below, and I will make a lei in those colors ! Thank you =:O)

(This is Manuela The-Manequin…yes, that is her actual name). She helps out occasionally with modeling hand-crafted ribbon leis, jewelry and hats! Although she not one for conversation, but she is very reliable!  LOL!



YouTube Channel, Coffee with Isla

Ribbon Lei Colors?

DIY Cowrie Shell Flowers

Scrabble Hair Clips


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