Walking in Heels

“Learning how to walk in heels is not impossible – it just takes patience perseverance, persistence and prayer!” 

I thought this analogy, complemented my situation the best! Let me explain!

In my previous post , I wrote about resigning from my job to stay home with my little one full time. However, despite separating myself from my former job place and beloved job position, I still have a desire to be a financial provider for my family.

After 18+ years of being in the workforce, and earned 3 professional college degrees, it is really hard to break away from the “traditional worker 8 to 5, 40 hours-a-week frame of mind” that I am so accustomed to. It is something I can not just “shut-off” in my brain, neither can I Shake it off. 

I love love being a full-time stay at home mommy, and absolutely will not trade this grateful 😊 opportunity for anything!!!! But I have “work” on the brain, and lots of creative ideas to shape, bead, mold, fold, sew, crochet, and build! I want to be with my baby full time and work from home!

How can I go about this?

Is this possible?

After taking an analytical approach about the potential of creating work for myself while at home, I accounted for specific variables such as daily routines,  baby sleeping patterns, doctor appointments, current finances, on-hand resources and tools, various skills, and knowledge, previous work experience; in conjunction with mounds of  note taking and number crunching, working for myself at home is all very viable. I spent sometime piecing together a simple business plan. It was very exciting to do this out loud with fresh brewed coffee and a white board!

Fate-Maker, Future-Holder and Book-keeper! 

Rather than working for a company to rely on for a stable paycheck, I will be my own company and be my own boss-lady business owner, chief executive officer, chief financial officer, operations manager, worker-bee, executive assistant and delivery person…. essentially I will be my own fate-maker, future-holder and bookkeeper! 

As insanely scary this personal venture is, I am just gonna do it!! How? I am not sure, despite having a simple business plan –  I don’t have all the answers to everything as this is something I have never done before. Thankfully, I have Google for speedy search results to virtually any question I can possibly come up with and Barnes and Normal (Nobles) having a vast reference book collection – “How to books for Dummies” 

I shall wear my confidence like the comfy Hanes T-shirt

Everyday, regardless of where I am on the rehter scale of scarred and afraid, I shall wear my confidence like the comfy Hanes T-shirt I stole from my husband that I don’t plan on returning, and rock it out! My expectations are positive for the future, but realistically, I know I will more than likely ungracefully fall on my bum many times over or trample… stumble… as I did when I first learned how to walk in heels…in high school…which was neither angelic or poised, and sooo far from elegant! It was more like, “Make way…Isla is coming! AAAggghhhh!!”


reference lovethispic.com

Despite that I was clumsy and a walking hip replacement waiting to happen – I was patient. I persevered  thru the pain, and persisted by not quitting, despite being the opposite of graceful!

I did a lot of thinking, and running different play book scenarios in my head but I am going to wear my best stilettos, move forward, and plug-in my smarts,  and channel a can-do attitude, and creativity.  It does help that I have a mad computer genius with C++/powershell/java/python/ruby and rails coding super powers!

With this personal venture, I acknowledge that I will not see a quick return in my investment, however with patience perseverance, persistence and prayer I am positive that I will!  Right now, all I have is an idea, a plan of action, aspirations, a lot of notes, pens, a case of liquid white -out pen remover, staples, a new paper-weight and an overflowing book of ideas.

So whether it is teaching or learning how to walk in heels, or  starting a personal work at home business – it really comes down to this – patience, perseverance, persistence and prayer!



Have a good day, and God Bless You!

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