Product Review: Dance / Bike Shorts

It’s been a hot Texas minute since my last product review on Playtex bottles, so I decided to do one on a recent purchase I made from Amazon:

URATOT 6 Pack Stripe Bike Shorts Underwear Shorts Girls’ Dance Shorts 6 Colors


My little one hit an astronomical growth spurt this summer, which required me to upgrade her to a bigger size. Currently she is 20 months, and until recently she could fit a size 2T!

Since she is growing out of clothes faster than I can keep her in it, I decided to look for clothing she can grow with – definitely nothing fancy or expensive!

After looking at online and local stores, several dozens of brands, colors, and prices, I narrowed it down to  an Amazon brand URATOT.

**Uratot (Pronounced You’re-A-Tot) is not a brand that I am familiar with, but decided to give it a try….Why not, Right!?!**

URATOT 6 Pack Stripe Bike Shorts Underwear Shorts Girls’ Dance Shorts 6 Colors

This package is set of 6 shorts – colored stripes:

  • black and white

  • pink and white

  • purple and white

  • blue and white

  • green and white

I ordered these in size 5T so she can fill into them for the next 2 to 3 years.

My little one wears these shorts on a daily basis:

  • around the house

  • under skirts and dresses

  • wears them as pajama bottoms

The fabric is modal cotton. Unsure what “modal” is but … the best way to describe this fabric first hand is:

  • light weight / soft

  • very see through (I would not just pair them up with a t-shirt for an outing, outside of the home)

  • stretchy material

The waist band is a stretchy elastic band.

The back and the front look exactly same and have no pockets.

After multiple wash cycles it holds up very well. Although it does not do well in the dryer.  I recommend to hang dry them as they dry fairly quickly.

After a month of my daughter wearing these shorts, I found them to be durable, and survived multiple wash cycles, I purchased another set of 6!

Overall, these shorts were a good buy, it was worth the money I paid for each package. Most importantly, my daughter enjoys them. For the sake of rating these shorts from a scale of 1 to 5 stars, I would give it a solid 5 out of 5!


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