My Etsy store – Coffee With Isla is officially open!

Hi Everyone,

It seems like a crazy long while since I posted anything new! I have been working on my Etsy Store, creating leis, doing inventory, advertising, shopping around for vendors…. finally after 200+ cups of coffee, and more hours than I can count on my fingers, my Etsy store – Coffee With Isla is officially open! Yah!!!!

I handcraft Double Braided Satin Ribbon Leis for special celebrations such as:

  • Graduations

  • Award Ceremonies

  • Birthdays

  • Baby Showers


The outer ribbons are made with 5/8 inch satin ribbon (blue) and 1/2 inch satin ribbon for the mid-section (pink) of the lei

A finished lei is approximately 40 to 43 inches, from beginning knot to ending knot.

I have a variety of colors to choose from to make a customizable ribbon lei. In my store, you have the option to choose specific colors via drop down boxes and I offer free shipping within the United States.

So without further delay, grab a cup of coffee, C’mon over, check out my store.

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