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Etsy Handbook – Camera and Equipment

The very first Etsy article I read was entitled Choosing Your Camera and Equipment As Etsy sellers there are four types of cameras to consider: smartphone camera: compact (or point-and-shoot) cameras DSLR cameras mirrorless system cameras The camera tools to consider to take REALLY GOOD product photos such as: lenses tripods Camera remotes and triggers… Continue reading Etsy Handbook – Camera and Equipment


Understanding the Etsy Handbook

Selling online is very new to me. Creating an online store with having not a clue of where to begin is completely in another universe of comprehension and just plain scary like a horror/suspense sci-fi movie! However just like anything, such as a new car, a football-sized yacht, a spaceship, a new computer or kitchen… Continue reading Understanding the Etsy Handbook

Crafting at Home

Easy Shell Flower Necklace

Hi I uploaded another YouTube video, Easy Shell Flower Necklace. The things you will need for this project Cowrie shell flowers beads with large inside hole pliers jewelry tweezers jump hoops waxed necklace I hope you enjoyed this video. If you make this necklace, please share! My Etsy store – Coffee With Isla is… Continue reading Easy Shell Flower Necklace