Baby Shower Ribbon Lei

Hi Everyone,

My long time friend Cee-Cee is having a baby BOY very soon and can’t be any more happier for her! Pregnancy, I consider is a special occasion and one of life’s special times that calls for a celebration! Her baby shower is coming up soon, and what makes this so much more special is we are FINALLY seeing each other for the first time in 3 years! (We recently ran into each other at our local Aldi store in passing but that unexpected, unlikely 5 minute occurrence does not count! We were both in a hurry to get home. This is not enough time to catch up or have a meaningful conversation!)

Wow, it was three whole years since we were physically in the same office! Within that time, there was so much that happened! In a nutshell without any specific order, it involved us experiencing job changes, promotions, resignations, new relationships, moved into new homes,  young children graduating to middle school and high schoolers becoming young adults, and now, newborns for the both of us!

Her baby shower theme is teddy bears with colors brown, light blue and white. With this information, it was enough for me to get started with a ribbon lei.

Cee-Cee’s lei was created by using 5/8 single-sided ribbon. It’s final length is at approximately 43 inches.

Now to dress it up,  I decided to make 4 origami flowers, tying “its a boy” ribbon in the middle as a finishing touch and then for spacers, I placed party favor baby  rattles in between.

Finally after a few hours of work, this is what it looks like! Tell me what you think!



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