Understanding the Etsy Handbook

Selling online is very new to me. Creating an online store with having not a clue of where to begin is completely in another universe of comprehension and just plain scary like a horror/suspense sci-fi movie! However just like anything, such as a new car, a football-sized yacht, a spaceship, a new computer or kitchen appliance…it comes with a handbook…aka a manual…or a handi-dandi instruction book! Etsy has a handbook, so the horrific anxiety that plagues my brain of having an Etsy store is not so daunting!


Opening up an Etsy Store

To get things started, I signed up for a free Etsy Seller Account – it is a user friendly process! Each page was easy  enough to go through. It took about 20 minutes from start to finish.

So after I signed up for my account, I placed 2 product pictures up, wrote a description, brainstormed and posted product tags and then logged out and logged back in again with my username and password…now what?

The wisest thing to do at this point on, moving forward is to read the handbook for tips, tricks, and guidelines on how to start and maintain an Etsy store.

And of course, continue to make product!


Etsy Handbook

My initial intent was not to review the Etsy hand book, just leaving myself to my own devices (destruction) and figure everything out as I go. However, if I choose to do this, then I face the chance of wasting time, money, personal and family efforts!

The intelligent question I ask my self in this situation is: “Do I want to work harder?” Or “Do I want to work smarter?” For me, the answer here is obvious, and that is “SMARTER”!

If I want to become a successful Etsy store owner, and have a thriving business at home for years to come… I at least have to check out what subjects that I find interesting right now… like:

  • photography

  • getting found

  • branding and marketing

  • productivity

  • And lets not forget about the boring legalities but yet good FYI stuff that comes along with owning a business!

  • shipping

The Etsy handbook is broken up into 10 categories, and then information is written into insightful articles.

As I go through this hand book, my plan and intent is to journal all of my research, explain how specific articles helped my store or if it did not. I will also document my trials, errors, hoo-rahs and challenges. So grab a cup of coffee and stay posted!


Baby Shower Ribbon Lei

My Etsy store – Coffee With Isla is officially open!

Walking in Heels

Weekend ribbon leis


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