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My Frugal Journey

Hafa Adai, My Friends!

It has been awhile since I last checked in, please accept my sincerest apologies. Despite my absence, I have been working offline on new post and video content – but at a much slower pace these days. To speed things up to current day, I found an interest in frugal living and I am absolutely hooked! There is an endless buffet of frugal life hacks, tips, tricks and how to’s. This stuff is everywhere – online blogs, books, YouTube and podcasts!!! It feels like I have been missing out on valuable life practicums since forever ago!

Blogs and YouTube

Since being offline, I spent innumerable hours reading frugal blogs and watching online videos. I took lots of handwritten notes, booked marked webpages, and created a “Frugal Favorites” YouTube folder! The overall commonality that I observed is this: In general, frugal people are practical with their money and resources and keep waste to a minimum. They strive to pay down debt as quickly as possible, live comfortable lives, reside in nice homes, have enough to eat and money in the bank. They are open-minded to various methods to sustain and improve their frugal lifestyle through DIY’s, homesteading and other creative mediums.

I believe that frugality or to be frugal can be defined as being practical in saving money and or resources to prevent or avoid wasteful consumption.


Reviewing frugal notes

After reviewing my long list of frugal notes, it was motivating to see great potential for us to work towards a more frugal way of living. In my notes, I picked out frugal tips and ideas that would best suit our family to decrease waste, save more money, improve grocery shopping trips, meal planning and prepping and how to create a budget and stick to it.

A good example of us practicing frugalness in our home (without even knowing it); was purchasing cloth diaper inserts (see below) in July 2019 to make Lah-Lah’s regular diapers more absorbent at night.

The monthly average cost of disposable overnight diapers runs about $25.00, with an estimated count of 44 diapers in a package!

If I purchased overnight disposables every month for 7 months at the rate of $25.00 that would equate to 175.00! That is definitely lots of money going into the trash every morning!


Reusable Cloth Diaper Inserts for Pocket or Cover Diapers Pack of 10, Washable 4 Layer Bamboo Viscose Microfiber Pocket Nappy Insert, Adjustable Liners Diaper Booster Pads for $24.97.


Being frugal takes some elbow grease

Just like anything of importance or high value in our lives such as our jobs, relationships, family, and education, it involves time, work and effort. Being frugal also requires the same kind of elbow grease!

I am inspired, motivated and ready to start my frugal journey! To begin, I took a very hard analytical look around my house, starting in my kitchen of “un-frugal” practices. My pantry, cabinets, fridge, and freezer are all the opposite of frugal, currently! Let’s just say, if my canned goods could magically come alive to communicate with me, it would spell out U-N-F-R-U-G-A-L! It is both absurd and B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

After the kitchen, I waddled myself through the rest of the house to take more notes. Unfortunately, I did not have a big enough notepad to keep up. There is much work to be done. My husband is on board with me to become a more frugal family.

What kind of frugal practices have you implemented that work for you or your family?

Grab a cup of coffee and let’s have some open dialogue.

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