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Preparing for a frugal baby

As of current time, I am 25 weeks into my pregnancy. In my mind, I have 100+ weeks to go (no, not really, but honestly, it feels like that most days!)

As we get closer to our delivery date, we are slowly preparing for baby’s delivery + home coming. Luckily, we have a bulk of baby furniture from our first baby boxed up in the garage awaiting to be resurrected back to life again for the last time. This is a super bonus for us! We are glad we held on to this stuff for baby #2!

Since we are blessed with a boy this time around, we need “boy stuff”, otherwise, our newborn will be stuck with mermaid / Minnie Mouse themed hand-me downs!

I created a short general list of things we need before baby arrives. Although I am sure, this list will increase, but here is what my pregnant brain came up with:

  • Clothing
  • Blankies and bedding
  • Crib
  • Diapers
  • Baby wipes

As we all know, organic tiny room mates (or newborns) are very expensive, so trying to stay within a budget while getting everything we need may be a bit of a challenge. However, it is not impossible.

Frugal Baby Preparation

In good frugal practice, before heading out on a crazy baby shopping spree, I did a quick inventory on all baby stuff!

Answering the questions:

What do we have already that baby can use?

What do we REALLY need for baby?

What things can I DIY?


I pulled out my daughter’s big tub of baby stuff from hiding, sifting, sorting…digging for anything that looked boy friendly + gender neutral. Luckily, I found newborn to 3 months sized onsies, pajamas, socks, mittens, and bedding items that were NOT tied to mermaids or Minnie Mouse in any way. YAY!

Before new baby arrives, sometime between now and April, I need to get 2 or 3 extra sets of onsies and pajamas in size 3 to 6 months. This is what his wardrobe will consist of, as we will be spending most of our time indoors.  Beyond this time, my plan is to shop clearance racks, thrift shops and Walmart – only buying a sufficient amount clothing for him, because I believe anything beyond sufficient is excessive.

If he soils his clothes in a day, I can throw them in the wash for a good clean or if he grows out of his clothes, then we will get him what he needs as he needs them – without breaking the bank, of course.

In my mind, getting 50 onsies in one size is wasteful, because it is unlikely the baby will be able to wear all of them. Also I will be too tired caring for a new born, and a toddler, I can’t promise to keep up with the other excess onsises. Naturally, I will stick to 12ish onsies, reuse, rewash them until he grows out of them and then move on to a bigger size!

Baby blankets and bedding

After watching hours of DIY baby blanket tutorials, having enough tools, resources and endless yards of fabric, I am able to whip up different size blankets that he can grow with. So, the only thing that will cost me is my time! I am really excited to make them, despite my hands swelling up. As for fitted sheets, and thick blankies, I have 3 or 4 extra ones somewhere in an unlabeled box?!

Baby Crib

The baby’s crib will be a hand me down playpen from his sister. The playpen is two years old, although it remains sturdy and works just as good as the day we unboxed it! I highly doubt he will mind the unique artistic one-of-a-kind crayon markings on the padded side bars and netting his big sister took the time to design.


Diapers! Where do I begin about the cost of diapers? They are an expensive necessity, even with coupons! There has to be an alternative to disposable diapers…fortunately there is: cloth diapers. I did my research online, spoke to family members, checked out different cloth diaper brands, and read product reviews on various websites! There is an overall positive general consensus that cloth diapers are the more environment friendly, and frugal – cost efficient choice for baby diapering. Over 3 months we saved money to purchase cloth diapers, so far we have a total of 39 cloth diapers. I hope that’s enough! Is it enough?

Talking to my mom on this subject, she said her mom (my grandma) used cloth diapers for her children. In the time when grandma was raising her young family, cloth diapers were the more cost efficient choice than disposable diapers; because disposable diapers were considered expensive luxuries that many families could not afford at that time.

Cloth diapers get soiled just the same as disposable diapers but with a few extra steps to disinfect, sanitize, and wash, they will be as good as new, ready to be re-used again and again.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes cost just as much as disposable diapers!!! I did not realize that until I ran out of wipes recently! So what makes up a baby wipe? In the most simplest form without looking at the back of a baby wipes package: durable, baby butt friendly paper towel, soap, water and some kind of essential oil – maybe lavender? Coconut? Or Aloe?

I did the math on what I spent on baby wipes in three months, six months, twelve months, and twenty-four months on Amazon, my calculator responded with the following mathematical answer: MEGA BUCK$.

Quickly, I cut the money flow to Amazon for baby wipes, I googled DIY baby wipe recipes – the internet is saturated with so many to experiment with. I bookmarked 5 different DIY baby wipe recipes I liked, but I especially like the one I found on wellnessmamma. It is a simple recipe that will eventually save me 100.00+ with having two children under 3!

Taking on a frugal / DIY approach in preparing for baby #2 I believe it will benefit our family…because we are okay with hand-me down, discounted baby clothes, and furniture because babies grow out of them very quickly; I am also prepared to clean soiled cloth diapers. Most definitely don’t mind making baby wipes on a weekly basis for my babies!

The eventual savings will come which we can use elsewhere in our budget, to save for emergencies, purchase monthly food, gas, infant and toddler milk, and those pesky hospital bills!

What are ways you prepare for new baby? Have you tried making your own baby wipes? Or used cloth diapers? Did either of these work out for you?

Let me know, in the comments =:)


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