Beyond Newspaper Inserts

As a new couponer, I was truly convinced there are more manufacture coupons beyond  the Sunday newspaper – just patiently awaiting with anticipation to be discovered, clipped, paired up to in-store coupons, Target Cartwheel Offers, Walmart Rollbacks, Walgreens Register Reward Points, and clearance specials. Our only intent is to bring our items and matching coupons forward to the check out line to be happily scanned, peeped and whisked away in grocery bags!

Scouring the internet, I found so many coupon websites that offered printable coupons, but the one that stuck out to me was! Per the website, it monitors hundreds of trustworthy websites and apps offering grocery coupons.

To gain access to Lozo’s available coupons, a FREE sign up is required!

I signed up, logged in which then allowed me access to a sea of coupons that totaled up to $1545.37 in savings! My eyes glimmered with such joy, I think I even cried a little bit!

As I happily navigated my way through this website for printable coupons, I clicked on Advanced Filters, switched ON the following filters, under technologies:

  • hopster
  • qples
  • redplum
  • revtrax
  • smartsource

then under Access types, I switched  ON  for Printable and clicked the Save button, see snap shot directly below:turn on only these filters.PNG

Printable coupons populated on the screen.  A printer indicator on the upper right corner of each coupon will be present, see above snapshot, on the left.

Here are some printable coupons from the LOZO website.

printable qs.jpg

***the Yasso frozen yogurt bars $1.00 off coupon (as shown on the upper left of the above photo) required me to go to the Yasso manufacture website to sign up for their newsletter first to get a free coupon!*** It was worth it, I ate the whole box of 4 in two hours! is not a secret to keep to myself, it is worth sharing with others! It is  a great website to find coupons that are not available in the sunday’s newspapers to save more money to feed and provide for our families. 

I am in no way affiliated with or receiving any compensation for writing this post. My intent and purpose is to pass on good, useful coupon information to others as I continue to teach myself how to coupon! 

I hope this was a helpful post.





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