Walgreens Couponing Tips

Hi Everyone,

Today, I visited my local Walgreens for a small shopping haul. Prior to leaving, I spoke to two employees about couponing at the store.

I asked them advice on how to best coupon at Walgreens, they offered these general tips:

  • Review the Walgreen’s Weekly Ad every week! Pay attention to the front page, review  the “Deals of the Week”, and “Buy 2, Get 3rd Free” deals look for manufacture coupons that you can match with these items specifically.

walgreens deals of the week.PNG

  • Match up manufacture coupons with clearance items.
  • Review the savings book – review the fine print on the items you are interested in.
  • Get familiar with the Walgreens Balance Rewards and Register Rewards system.
  • Buy ONLY WHAT YOU NEED! Don’t clear off shelves just because you think you can! It is rude and impolite to the other customers who want to buy the same item themselves.
  • Digital manufacture coupons found on the Walgreen app can be redeemed only once. For example: If dish soap with the original price of $1.50 is on sale this week, and there is a digital coupon for $1.00 off, your first bottle of dish soap is .50 cents, but  if you have 2 more bottles of dish soap, in your cart, be expected to pay $1.50 for each one, there after.
  • Clip digital coupons in the Walgreens app, prior to visiting to the store so it will be available at check out!
  • If your coupon haul consist of a large order (2 large carts), please be courteous to other people who only a few items – let them go first.

These tips are very simple, straight to the point so to minimize hiccups at the check out line for everyone involved, you, the customer, employee and all the customers waiting to pay for their items too! I personally like smooth check out transactions minus the complications and side looks! I am passing on this information as I found it to be very helpful!


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