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One Yard DIY Blanket Update

Hafa Adai Everyone!

So far, I have completed 6 baby blankets! My husband and I went for a nautical and island tropical theme. We did, however find Nintendo Game Controller fabric – and absolutely could not resist!

For each blanket, took 15 to 20 minutes to make from beginning to end. One side of the blanket is 100% cotton, calico print and the other side, flannel.

Regardless of not having any prior experience making blankets – I thought, “How hard could it be?” I decided to give it a try!  With my best effort and hours of watching YouTube as my personal credentials, I think I did an okay job. Looking at my work:

  • There are no un-patched holes left undone
  • All the corners are pointed out
  • They looked very rectangular…the look  I was aiming for =:o)
  • Held up in the wash each time I washed and dried them.

The only minor set back about them are the hems, they are little bit off – my beginning hem and ending hem, don’t marry up together, but it’s okay. With a little bit more practice I will get better at it. At least, I keep telling myself that!

Otherwise, I think the blankets are practical, simple, functional and baby approved!

My daughter, LahLah has completed a rigorous toddler product testing all last week – the blankets prove to be sturdy. She has dragged, beat and danced on them. She enjoyed playing with them through out the day, she had morning tea with friends, afternoon lunch buffets with Ernie and Bert, conducted super hero meetings and snuggled with her favorite blankie of the day for afternoon naps. She finally gave me my baby seal of approval!

I did the math on all the fabric I purchased. It turns out that, it would have cost me the same amount of money to purchase store bought blankies. However, the financial part of this project did not have any value to me because I wanted to make something special for our little guy.

Each blanket was made with so much l❤ve and uniquely created for our little guy, and that’s all that matters!

Here is my finished work =:O)

blankie 1.JPG

blankie 2.JPG


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