Passing the time

Hafa Adai My Beautiful Friends!

Like most folks we are at home in self – isolation, it has been since March 17, we have been confined to the house.  Our shelter in place order has been set until the first week of April.

To keep myself busy as much as my pregnant belly will allow, I have been sewing baby blankets, burb cloths, coupon work, made strawberry jam for the first time EVER, watched a bunch of movies I put off for years, drinking a bunch of sparkly water than I should (the crisp bubbly lemon lime taste is so addicting, one can is never enough!) and nesting – getting ready for baby’s arrival. Our little guy makes his red-carpet debut in 8 to 9 weeks! Let’s pray he arrives in the month of May and not any sooner!

Lah-Lah is oblivious of what is going on in the news. It does help that she has a daily routine she enjoys while being in the house. I miss taking her on small field trips to the park and the pet store. Gosh! I miss our long walks in Target…the smell of the popcorn, clearance aisles, and Frozen Hershey’s Chocolate Cake which I regret not buying the last 4 boxes before we started our self-isolation =:O( It is my 24/7 preggo craving!

What are things you and the family are doing to pass the time while being couped up inside the house?


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