36 weeks and 4 days in

Hafa Adai My Beautiful Friends!

It has been awhile since I posted anything new. In April, my family decided it was time that I needed to slow down, focus on my health, cut back on stress, slow down on blog writing, put crafting projects on hold, postpone coupon shopping hauls tentatively and temporarily shut down my Etsy store for maternity reasons, so that I can take it easy.

As I write this post, I am 36 weeks and 4 days in, and 18 more days until my projected scheduled C-section delivery date. However, by stating that I have 18 more days, I may have severely jinxed myself! But let’s be honest, given my past medical history, despite having a delivery date set, unknowingly, this baby may have a personal agenda of his own and may decide to arrive anytime between today and whenever!


***This is our littlest and newest blessing arriving very soon*** 

Since April, I focused on weekly baby arrival preparations, I have sewn baby blankets, and burp towels, put together a bassinet, resurrected my daughter’s old car seat – gave it a good clean and polish, washed and dried baby clothes, and organized baby furniture, scheduled and coordinated with residential vendor services for regular house maintenance upkeep and home grocery deliveries to accommodate our projected delivery date. Next week, I am preparing my hospital bag with momma and baby essentials and my husband is installing the car seat base in the family car.

I will be back as soon as I can with more regular blog content.

Please allow this grace period of adjustment for my family and I to create and establish new daily routines as our household expands from 3 to 4. I will certainly use that time to arrange, alphabetize and crazy glue microscopic to large pieces of myself back to good health through the means of  Campbell’s chicken soup, rest, family support and of course, prayer….Amen!!!

There may be times in between our adjustment phase and recovery time where I may find myself truly full with inspiration and my veins pumping with strong coffee vibes that I will definitely post something – for sure! Stay tuned, cross your fingers and pray with me.

As always, I am sending good vibes and prayers to you and your family. Stay safe, wash your hands and remain positive. Until next time, my friends!


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