Today marks 37 weeks!

For the next 2 weeks, there will be Absolutely NO heavy lifting, strenuous furniture moving and NO deep cleaning regimens for me.  I have happily burdened all these responsibilities to my sweet husband. While he takes over all labor-intensive endeavors for the time being for the next 6 to 10 weeks, I promised him that I would remain involved, despite that I am no longer physically inclined to assist him or take on myself.

I explained for the time being, I will uphold a temporary, artistic directive role which will encompass offering personalized interior decorating direction, creative supervision and offering DIY consulting services of where I want things to be placed, set up and organized from the comfort of my favorite chair while sipping on decafe iced tea.

Since we are nearing our finish line, our focus right now more than ever is to get passed these 2 weeks without complications. My husband, doctor, family and myself included are all crossing our fingers.

I can’t help but stress and lose sleep at night constantly thinking that things could go upside down for us without warning within this time frame. My past medical history illuminates my worries.

As a coping mechanism, mentally, I am thinking happy-positive thoughts, physically, I catch my breath when I start to choke or my chest feels like its going to cave in; I pray when I feel weak and keep busy in my day.

I am smiling on the outside while raving a positive attitude, but I am the complete opposite internally, otherwise.

I am allowing my self to feel vulnerable and vocalize out loud what I am experiencing internally because this makes me authentically human – but it still does not lessen any of my anxieties.

In times of distress or anxiety, what are the best ways you cope?

As always my friends, I am sending good vibes your way. God Bless you and your family. Stay safe!

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