Recovery and Couponing

Hello and Hafa Adai My Friends,

After a few weeks of recovery, around the clock feedings, and surviving on coffee – I am back into the swing of things.

Our little  guy, Bean is finally here ! He is happy, healthy and always hungry! We are truly blessed and over the moon so in love with him!


I started working on a few projects – sewing cloth masks, origami and my favorite: couponing and finding the best sales in my local area !!!!!

To really hone into couponing this week, I made myself a strong cup of coffee, dug out my favorite lucky couponing socks, and got to work. First, I  checked out the Sunday Coupon Inserts schedule to review the latest coupons; then I reviewed my  coupons apps for whats trending – sales and deals: Krazy Coupon Lady, Free Stuff Finder, Target, Walgreens, Checkout 51,  Saving Star, Ibotta and Lozo! And, lastly, grabbed a couple of weekly coupon inserts at the grocery store.

The first coupon that called out to me was the $1.00 off Ozarka Water from Retail Me Not Everyday coupon insert dated 7/12/2020.

My local HEB was stocked with Ozarka Sparkling water 1 liter bottles!

At check out, I purchased 4: 1 liter bottles, x .86 cents each or $3.44.  and scanned  (2) coupons, $2.00 was taken off the sale price of all 4 bottles. The final price before applicable sales tax was $1.44.

One coupon is intended for 2 Ozarka 1 liter bottles, however, per coupon disclaimer,  it allowed up to 4 like coupons per household per day!

ozarka 1=.jpg

ozarka 2

My second deal was found at Walgreens!


This is a Walgreens weekly deal on Purex detergent – no coupon needed – I just used my Walgreens card (I punched in my telephone number on the credit card machine at the cash register.) I thought this was a good deal for this week, but I’ve seen better deals on this detergent.

With my receipt from this transaction, followed a $7.00 reward coupon! This type coupon is very random, and a delight when I get it! YAY!  This coupon is valid for a future Walgreens purchase and usually valid for 7 days! The expiration date for this coupon is 7/18/2020, so this means I need to act quick. To benefit from this coupon, I need to spend a minimum of $25.00 or more in store!

Target has awesome back to school items for cheap – I stocked up for the rest of the year:

  • Notebooks, top flight brand for .25 cents each;
  • Composition note books for .50 cents;
  • Crayola crayons, 24 count for .50 cents;
  • Target washable markers for .65 cents

Shopping for school supplies is like Christmas Day – both are very exciting and worth the wait!


Later in the evening, I scanned my receipts on Checkout 51, Receipt Hog, and FetchRewards.

This was a small start into couponing after picking it up after a couple of months. Eventually over time, I will have an healthy stockpile of household items for this winter.

Walgreens Couponing Tips

Couponing at Walgreens

My Coupon Binder

4 thoughts on “Recovery and Couponing”

  1. Congratulations! Those are some cute toes!
    Kudos to you for getting some deals with a little one. I have sadly not made use of any CVS coupons, because I haven’t been in any drug stores due to COVID. The other day my daughter pulled my coupon holder out from u deer the car seat… kind of sad!


    1. Hi

      its been really fun getting back to couponing, im stockpiling for this winter!,
      i found the best time of day to coupon or head to the grocery store / pharmacy is in morning right when the doors open! the store is clean, store aisles are well stocked with a super plus BONUS of getting first dibs on items you have coupons for!WOOHHHOO!!! everything about leaving the house is scary with COVID. when i go out, i prepare my coupon binder with a cloth mask, gloves, hand sanitizer and a calculator. stay safe. Sending positive vibes your way!


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