Hauling and Saving at Walgreens

Hafa Adai My Friends,

I did a Walgreens haul last Friday, 7/17! On my trip I used my Walgreens coupon, $7.00 reward, or 7000 points. On this shopping haul, I had to spend $25.00 or more to active this coupon.

7 reward

While shopping, I only focused on items that were posted in the weekly advertisement, or had an in-store yellow tag. Prior to visiting my local Walgreens, I clipped digital manufacture coupons on my Walgreens app.

I think I did pretty good, with the exception of the last two items on this receipt! On this haul, I spent 29.42, before tax, however applying the 7.00 reward and digital coupons it was really like spending 22.42! After this transaction, I earned roughly 7000 reward points towards my Balance Rewards!!!!

Inkedwal 1 7.17=1.jpg

wal 2 7.17.JPG



With this receipt, followed another $7000 Balance Reward coupon expiring on 7/23! It is RRRREEEEEAAAAALLLLLYYYYYY tempting to do another Walgreens haul in the same week, but I don’t need anymore than what I already purchased –  I decided to forfeit this coupon as there will always be more coupons like this to come in the future!

This haul was fun using my $7.00 coupon, I got what I wanted at Walgreens this week for my winter stockpile and saved money at the same time!

Has anyone done any shopping hauls this week?



Tip: Clip digital coupons on Walgreens app  at least an hour prior to heading to Walgreens!


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