Couponing this week 7/19

Hello and Hafa Adai

For this week’s couponing trip, I found really good deals that I had to snag before they were all swooped up!

The first coupon deal was at Walgreens. This week Walgreens is having a sale on Big G cereals for $1.99 . I have a manufacture coupon for $1.00 off on 2 boxes any flavor. I chose Cookie Crisp cereal for this purchase.  For this transaction, I spent $2.98 for two cereal boxes or $1.49 for each.

gen mills 1.99.PNG


IMG_4368 (1)

Inkedwalg big g cereal cookie crisp_LI

The second deal I found was at Target,  Love, Beauty and Planet lotion, 1oz, $4.99 each, regular price! For this transaction, I had to purchase 2 tubes for my manufacture coupon to work and then in my Target Circle app, I clipped the Target Circle 10% for this item! At checkout, 10% off was taken off each item, or a total of 20%. + $2.00 off manufacture coupon. Before tax, I paid $4.98 for both  lotions, or $2.49 each!!!!!! This was my favorite coupon buy of the week! It was cheaper to purchase 2 lotions for the price of 1, at $4.99.

jamie .PNG


love plant beauty lotion


My last 2 deals of the week were at HEB! Last week, I clipped manufacture coupons for 2 of my favorite items – Ozarka Sparkling water, 1 Liter bottles, $0.86 and Purex Crystals, 15.05oz, $2.58 each. Unfortunately, these items were not on sale this week. Since having manufacture coupons made purchasing  these non-sale, undiscounted regular priced – sparkling water and laundry crystals  more enticing!!!I was honestly more motivated to leave my cool climate controlled house to endure the hot Texas sun to purchase these common items that we routinely consume in our household because of manufacture coupons! Yes, I know, this logic may be a little crazy, but I saved $3.50 that I can keep in my pocket, or use it towards the babies’ needs!

I purchased a total of 11 items on this transaction, used (2) manufacture coupons for Ozarka water, or 1 coupon for each set of 4 sparkling water; and then I used a total of 3 coupons, or 1 coupon for each bottle of laundry crystals!
ozarka purex

purex water pic.jpg

heb receipt purex and water

I think these were good deals and buys at Walgreens and Target, but not so much at HEB! After all,  a great deal is a combination of  Discount % off + a coupon (manufacture, or store coupon).  I am very positive I missed so many other deals this week!

What kind of deals? Coupons did you find? Use this week? Any Shopping hauls? Grab a cup of coffee and share!

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2 thoughts on “Couponing this week 7/19”

  1. Nice deals! Wow, your sales tax is high! I’m in the Midwest and our sales tax is 5.5 but property taxes are high.
    My best deal this week was back to school peanut butter. I got a large Skippy (not Costco large, just bigger than the usual size) for 1.47. I don’t know that we are going back to school but I’ll take the savings anyway!

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    1. Hi Jen
      Our sales tax in our area is like 6.25 – yeppers that is pretty high! im having a blast with school supplies, .50 centers for 24 count crayers, .50 cent erasers, 1.99 for a box of pencils – .25 for notebooks that is my happy place! i was thinking about our kiddos going back to school and how things are changing, it hurts both my brain and my belly – i cant keep up with what our school district is doing any more. the other day, I was thinking about home schooling the little ones!!!!! peanut butter! mmmmmm! yummmyyy! elvis presley peanut butter cookies – those are to die for! sending positive vibes your way and many happy blessings! happy Saturday, stay safe!

      Liked by 1 person

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