Couponing this week 7/ 26

Hafa Adai and Hello My Friends,

This week’s coupon shopping was good and very short!

A few times a year, my local HEB, will have sales on their store brand baby and toddler formula by offering a $2.00 off coupon. In this transaction, I purchased a total of :

  • 3: HEB Baby Gentle Non-GMO formula, regular price $15.38;
  • 2: HEB Toddler Next Step Milk Drink Powder Stage 3, (Vanilla Flavor),  regular price $11.48

At checkout, I handed a total of 5 coupons (a total of $10.00 savings) to the cashier . As a momma, this is a really big reason to celebrate because this sale is always random, and most times I learn about this sale when the store runs out of baby and/or toddler formula.

*The other $4.00 in savings was for Ozarka Sparkling 1 liter bottles 😍

As I was leaving the store, walking towards my car, I felt good about this buy, because I did two things in this one transaction: I saved a total of $10.00 on basic food necessities for my babies that I usually expect to pay full price on a weekly basis and I am able to feed my babies for weeks to come – I think it was a happy win-win!

I looked for other sales, deals and coupons but nothing else this week sparked my attention or motivated me enough to get me out the house and endure this crazy Texas heat! Maybe next week?

Couponing for 30 days

My Coupon Binder

Should I feed my baby infant formula?

heb yellow 2 off gentle ease and toddler milk

toddler formula

milk tub

heb rec.JPG



3 thoughts on “Couponing this week 7/ 26”

  1. Nice work getting some deals for baby… these are well worth couponing! Diapers and formula are high ticket items for sure. We also used formula and had a kid where most of what went in came right out. Ah well, those days are long behind us now and teen kid is definitely cheaper to keep LOL (until she starts driving in fall!)


    1. Hi Jen! lol! teen kids are definitely cheaper – they arent as expensive as babies. I have a teenager myself! he is 17; 3 more months till his 18 birthday. – he is a great kid, very busy working a part time job, and looking forward to being a senior this year! it blows my mind our babies grow too quickly, too fast! where did the time go???? with my two little ones now, I will be sure not to blink because I dont want to miss anything, and before I know it – they too will be driving too!

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      1. I hear ya! Moms are always so eager for their kids to read, but I secretly am thinking, once they read on their own, so long to snuggling together with a book. Those are some of my favorite parent memories.
        I hope your son has a good senior year amidst all of the school upheaval.


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