Moving onto…

Hafa Adai My Friends,

In the area I reside in, like most places in the US, the Corona Virus is spreading like wildfire with no indication of it slowing down. Every couple days, I check our local county COVID news updates just to see where we are as a community. It is saddening, more so extremely depressing to see our daily numbers go up. As a couponer, leaving the house to do my usual weekly coupon run is not worth the risk of getting myself or family sick. So, I did a bit of coupon housekeeping – deleted all iphone coupon and rebate saving apps, cleaned out and retired my coupon binder onto the top shelf of our coat closet, and wished farewell to all current and expired paper coupons into the recycle bin. As heart breaking as it was to do this, I remind myself: “this is just for a little while, not forever!

 Most importantly above everything else, I completed 20+ of hours teaching myself how to coupon. Though I am not an expert couponer, but I acquired more than adequate knowledge on how to coupon and in turn teach someone else this practical skill. It helps that I documented most of my coupon journey on my blog if I ever need a point of reference!!!

For now, I have reverted back to home grocery delivery service and online shopping for our basic needs. It may be a bit more costly to go this route, but it is the safest.

Moving onto….to YouTube (and some Etsy, too)

Bean, our 3 month old son is sleeping more hours in the evening (YAH! ), I decided to put more focus on my at-home work, focusing on my crafting YouTube Channel while documenting my learning journey!

Much like learning how to couponing on my own, I am going in blind with an optimistic frame of mind while attempting uncharted foreign territory of teaching myself how to edit videos, use KDenLive video editing software and how to upload content on YouTube. Thankfully, I have an awesome computer genius Brainiac 24/7 onsite, built-in tech support husband to assist me.

Since I have absolute zero knowledge, skills or abilities in video editing, I have convinced myself the level of difficulty is way up there, beyond the clouds…beyond the moon, but to set all craziness aside, and be rational – it should NOT be that hard so I need to stop scaring myself! GGEEEHHHZZZ!!!

There are millions of YouTubers who do this stuff on the daily – editing and uploading their stuff on YouTube, to them it is like second nature, just like breathing!

After 7 to 10 days, I will gain basic video editing knowledge, at that point of time, I look forward to be being less scared, less negative, a little bit smarter and more capable. Just like couponing, I am documenting this entire experience here, on my blog…so stick with me, I promise to share all bloopers, blunders, fails, trials, the do’s and don’ts, ah-ha moments and successes of this learning experience with you, my friends.

So far, I made two tutorial videos recently which gives me enough practicum to shape and mold to publish very soon.

So here I go with the expectation to fail, fall flat on my face again and again, break the internet, maybe even crash my computer? while trying to figure things out as I go.

Most often times, whatever I am crafting on my YouTube videos I will probably make more off camera, which I will in turn sell on my Etsy store. I think that just makes sense to do this because I usually have more than enough resources and materials to make and sell what I handcraft and sell on Etsy.


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