20 hours to Learn A new Skill

Video Effects and Rendering in KDenLive

This post is a continuation of Video Editing with KDenlive

After making the appropriate video edit cuts to the actual tutorial footage, I went on to creating a video introduction. To get this done, I went back to my video recording station, created an introduction video – it took 5 separate trys. Following this, I imported the introduction footage into KDenLive software. Like a word document, I clicked on the tool bar, clicked on “file” and named a file for this video. Since this is the introduction part of the video, I scooted the existing video files on the timeline to the right and like tetris the video game; then again moved all the blocks together so that all align without gaps in between.

So now, looking at the above snap shoot, I have an introduction and the edited tutorial part. Moving on to Video effects!!!

Video Effects

The Effects button is located above the scissors icon, to the left . Through Effects, I was able to rotate my clips completely right side up.

 I had to tell the software specifically which clips I wanted right side up, so one-by-one , I clicked on each clip on the time line and then by clicking on Rotate X and then dragging the curser all the way to the right, the number maxed out at 1800. The other option I had was to click on the zero (0) and type in: 18000, see below

On the video, you will notice after my announcement, music starts to play. Still, under the Effects tab, I muted my voice on a specific timestamp .

I am almost done, I used a fade out to end the video.

Finally, after I completed a finished product, I rendered the video. On the tool bar, I clicked on Project, and then Render. Rending a 7 minute video took about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

For now, since I just started using KDenLive, I am making very simple, no thrills, nothing fancy, straight to the point videos. As I familiarize myself with this video editing software, I will learn and apply much cooler features to future video edits in the months ahead.

The two goals I am making for myself is after 5 months of making YouTube videos:

  • My videos will be cleaner and have smoother transitions between sections
  • Be profcient enough to teach a first time video creator how to edit and render videos in KDenLive!


My takeaways from editing my first YouTube video. At first, going into my first video project was daunting, scary and I wanted to run and hide from my laptop so many times. In the first 5 hours of work, I should have run away, only because I was learning something new for the first time and was not understanding AT ALL. There were many times, where I should of have summoned my computer genius husband for assistance – but I stayed strong, and did not risk the temptation!

After making all the appropriate edit clips, it was all downhill from there, using the Effects feature was fun. Putting all the clips together, middle section, introduction and exotroduction was like putting Lego blocks together. I will be the first to admit, my first YouTube video is not the greatest, very choppy, and unsmooth, but my best efforts are visible. I am trying not to be so hard on myself.


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