20 hours to Learn A new Skill

Editing Second YouTube video with KDenLive

Hafa Adai Everyone

This week while working in KDenLive editing another YouTube video, I only focused on using these 3 basic tools:

  • Selection
  • Razor Tool
  • Spacer

I have a better understanding of how to use these tools to my advantage.

Unlike last week, I spent a total of 2 hours editing this week’s video – not five hours.

My only objective this week was to work on being more efficient and getting in more practice time on cutting out bits of video footage.

At the beginning of video editing, I was using a laptop screen, however, I then upgraded to a bigger desktop computer monitor to have more screen real estate and work more efficiently. A pair of basic headphones came in handy too!

Here is the output of my invested time and effort I put into this week’s YouTube video.

This video is not my best work, but rather my flawed and very best effort!

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