20 hours to Learn A new Skill

Using Proxy Clips for Video Editing in KDenLive

Hafa Adai Everyone, Happy Pre-Labor Holiday!

Prior to editing this week’s video, I discovered Proxy Clips.

Proxy clips is a copy of a video recording which temporally reduces the image, size and quality for the purpose of speeding up the video editing and previewing process on slower computer machines, like mine, Lenovo, IdeaPad 330S.

On last week’s video, I did not use Proxy clips – there was a lot of video image and audio delays such as stuttering and lagging. However enabling Proxy Clips on this week’s video editing, it was so much smoother and quicker this time around.

After importing, creating and naming this week’s video, i.e.(Easy Shank Hair Clips video) into KDenLive, and prior to making any edits, I enabled Proxy Clips.

So to do this, I went to the main tool bar, Project icon, then clicked on Project Settings, selected Proxy, and then clicked on “Enable proxy clips”. Immediately on my main screen, the software prompted me it is converting my untouched video footage into Proxy clips. It took about 2 minutes in total. Eventually, a letter P in a box appeared, see below.

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