20 hours to Learn A new Skill

After 20+ hours of learning how to create and edit YouTube videos

After 20+ hours of learning how to create, edit and publish 6 YouTube videos in the last 6 weeks, my takeaway is this: I am a lot smarter than I was 6 weeks ago! LOL!

But seriously! I have a better understanding of how to set up a video camera and most importantly how to use it (i.e. flip the switch to turn it on, learn how to zoom in and out, and how to navigate through its features, understand its  functionalities and remember to unscrew the front lens cover prior to recording…etc!) camera lighting, scripting language, how to do voice overs and have a better understanding of video editing software terminology and how to use different Effects in Kdenlive to produce more lively, entertaining how-to videos.

If we were to measure my video editing knowledge in the last six weeks against rocks and bananas as a measuring method, I think I would honestly rate myself “okay – a work in progress, with some understanding. Eventually, my goal in six months is to have a higher level of proficiency.

For every video I made so far, I had a specific idea of what my end product should look like Although, I did not know how to achieve my end result, so of course, I wikipedia-ed, and Googled my ???’s.

I found awesome YouTube kdenlive tutorials and read the kdenlive manual . It took awhile to find answers for questions I was seeking… but when I did, light bulbs turned on…immediately, like a crazed notebook-note-taker, I scribbled notes on paper, and booked marked most things I found on all kdenlive articles, blogs, and videos but most importantly, applied the knowledge into video editing work.

Making YouTube videos is fun, and have intent to do this for years to come. For every time I produce a video, I am passing yet another piece of my legacy to my children.

Lately, my motivation to produce new video content is my little girl! Every week when I publish a new video, I share it with her before it is published.  She gets really excited as she hears mommy’s voice, she points to my laptop screen, and says, “ Mein Mmmooommmyyyyy!”

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