Healing, Blessings and Strides

Since last October, a decision was made to walk away from all work activities, blogging, creating You Tube content, stopped researching, closed shop on all projects, and terminated “Learn how to ebay” project for another time in the future.  

For months, after baby arrived in May 2020, it was obvious that I was not well. Unable to discount the aches and pains associated with postpartum depression, I decided to slow down to allow myself to heal before circumstances worsened.

The first step in the right direction towards healing was admitting verbally out loud – I was not well and needed help. Explaining postpartum depression and how it was negatively affecting me to my husband was not an easy task, even though I knew he would be by my side to see me through these bad times.  “Despite this sickness beating me down, I do remember being a good, strong person, a loving momma and a decent human, I just need help to be re-acquainted again with that old self.”

Even though I am not a religious person, or affiliated with a church, I have always believed in the power of prayer. I prayed for healing and strength because dealing with these personal demons required spiritual reinforcements of a higher power above planet earth.

Eventually, time passed, after many blessings and family support, gradually, I made great strides.

As of current day, I am doing so much better, making a slow come back. The latest project, I have been dabbling with is a sewing project, Learning how to install zippers on pouch bags (small fabric coin pouches, wristlets, boxy bags). So far I have spent 25+ hours since January doing research, bought and read books on this subject on this particular skill, and of course watched a buffet of you tube tutorials, tried a few sew-alongs on how to install zippers on small pouches. I will have more information about this project on future posts and what my plans are with this large inventory of handcrafted pouches clogging up closet spaces. My husband is helping me create an online store (this will be a crazy venture for the both of us!) Stay tuned!

Even though we leaped into 2021 two months ago, I wish everyone, all of you, my friends and your families well, good health, prosperity, many, many blessings and good energy. Thank you for hanging in there for me when I had to step away.

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