20 hours to Learn A new Skill

Learning How to Sew, Zipper Installation

In a previous post, Healing, Blessings and Strides, I spoke about 25+ hours, an average of 3 hours a week teaching oneself how to sew, more specifically, installing zippers on small fabric bags. To get started with this project, I gathered as much information on zipper installations, going through the regular routes of learning – reading online blogs, reviewed sewing books, and watched YouTube videos.

Every video viewed on YouTube installing zippers looked so magically simple…however I was so wrong, wrong, wrong – it is not easy, not at first for this basic first timer!

 It was undeniably clear as day that these nice folks making zipper installation sewing video tutorials are experienced zipper sewing professional-grade installers. I, on the flip side of things is the complete opposite, which I would like to refer to as “cluelessly basic”. The lack of rudimentary know-how did not disqualify me from applying my best-efforts installing zippers. Pressing on with hesitation, headed towards the sewing machine, took a deep breath, mumbled a prayer and then …went for it. The first 20 attempts of zipper installations were just horrid. Absolute epic fails!

 It was such a failed zipper fiasco that warranted a lifetime banishment from all zippers completely, forever! After torturing the first stash of 20 innocent zippers, a much-needed jelly-filled donut / coffee replenishment was most appropriate as an excuse to take a break. While sipping on hot coffee, I could only taste bitter, unrelenting, unforgiveable defeat. Internally, I burned with negative emotions, (mostly) disgust, then it was followed up with despair, annoyance, and disappointment…AGH! To continue on with this self-teaching project, as a quick remedy, I cleaned up my work space, put up the sewing machine and all working notions in the furthest part of the house. Honestly, what I really needed to make happen was make a large bon fire and throw everything sewing related into it. As tempting as this thought was, I did not act upon it, so the sewing machine went unharmed, neither was it sacrificed as an offering to the sewing machine fire gods.

After running fresh out of coffee and jelly filled donuts wallowing in self-pity, I decided to give it another go. What was there to loose? 20 more guiltless zippers? My sanity? Another zipper run to Hobby Lobby? Before resurrecting the sewing machine to usher back into the office, I outlined some rules for myself before doing any more zipper installation work (yes, this was an absolute vital step for me before getting started!):

  • Stop being so hard on myself;
  • Wear a better attitude as though it is a favorite t-shirt;
  • Think positive, be positive, if I can’t find anything to speak or think encouraging then, shut up;
  • Expect to make mistakes, adjust high expectations, bringing it all the way down to Negative Zero, and then work myself UP from there;
  • Don’t be overly critical, learning how to do zipper installations is neither rocket science or algebra

Eventually, over time, on the behalf of all the dozens of zippers that were sacrificed the second, third and fourth time go-around, with patience, I earned a level of confidence, proving to be competent with installing zippers.

This is the most recent zipper installation I have completed. Tell me what you think!

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