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Learning How to Start up an Online Crafting business

Starting up an online crafting business is much like a horror movie – both are out of my comfort zone, and quite frightening.
Similar to previous self-teaching / learning how to: couponing, editing movies, and zipper installations, I am now teaching myself how to start up an online crafting business. To be absolutely honest and transparent, I know nothing about starting an online crafting sewing business. With no real concrete footing on this subject and not knowing any field experts to call on, I referred myself to Amazon’s book store for possible good reads on this subject matter, specifically for online crafting business books.
This book search led me to: Home Crafting Online How-to Books. There are literally hundreds of books on this subject, however the book that caught my attention was a book written by Jason G. Miles and Cinnamon Miles, Expanded and Updated Craft Business Power – 15 Days to a profitable Craft Business.

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I read this book cover to cover at random throughout the day, mostly between baby nap times, bottle feeding, baby baths, sleepy time, sewing, cooking, laundry and cleaning.
In my opinion, this book was carefully thought out, straight to the point, insightful, put together concisely and well written. The overall tone of the voice of the book is casual, written in everyday English, first and second person point of view. Throughout the book, I imagined three good friends sitting together at a local coffee beanery, sipping on overpriced coffee beverages while engaged in good conversation, where two of them are the field experts providing vital information and the other one (obviously me in this scenario) is desperately trying to keep up with note taking!!!! It took me nearly 10 days to complete this book, because I re-visited specific chapters – not because I didn’t understand, but rather, it was just really good information to read over and over again! Reading a how to business book has never been so exciting!!!!

After completing this book:
• Overall, I am happy with this book, it did not disappoint;
• My brain is not broke, it is happily retaining and processing information;
• I don’t have to go with my original plan and that was taking on this endeavor blindly with no direction

If you read this book, what did you think? Did you find it helpful?


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