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Setting Business Goals

Hafa Adai My Friends!

It was really exciting to finally have Hafa Adai Isla up and going! I could not wait to share this news with everyone!

Even though, I posted just a few things up as of current day, I will be posting more items in the next week and then moving forward, as often as I make new items.

This is my online crafting business, via Big Cartel.

Many of the handcrafted items will have a chill tropical island theme to it. So expect to see a lot island related materials and fabrics!

I hope you stop by often for the latest stuff!

As this is a small online business, I wanted to speak on the subject of goals. It is necessary for me to speak aloud my goals with you my friends to keep from going astray and walk a straight line towards my goals!

Starting an online business from the ground up is a lot of work! There is so much that needs to be done. 24 hours is not quite enough. Efforts have been spent on getting Hafa Adai Isla operational. By combining forces together with dear husband, we divided and conquered using our brains and expertise. He provided techie wizardry genius support on all things computers, coding, configurations, and domain related work, and I focused on other work not involving computer smarts, like sewing, pattern making, researching, inventory, and organizing my work shop.

Since our attention was so focused on the technical and physical aspects of the business, I did not think to create business goals for Hafa Adai Isla. However, understanding the importance of setting goals, I spent time really thinking about what goals to focus on…at first, I came up with at least 20 off the top of my head, but then narrowed it down to what is absolutely important:

  • Short term goals:
    • Get product online store and various platforms
    •  Make $50.00 to $75.00 a month
  • Midterm goals:
    • Make $ 75.00 to $100.00 a month
  • Long term:
    • Be my own boss – work from home
    • Create and style my work uniform – yoga pants, tshirts, and a messy hair bun
    • Establish and maintain vender relationships
    • Financial freedom, maybe 2+ years from now.

These goals are:

  • Achievable; because these are realistic and obtainable.
  • Desirable; I am willing to put in the work, to make all my work effort and time count positively towards the business.
  • Believable; because truthfully, failure is not an option. I am confident my online business will be successful.

Prior to creating goals for Hafa Adai Isla, I made excuses specifically why we don’t need goals. We could run a functional business, no goals required. However, that is just the wrong frame of mind to start a business of any size!

Without goals set in place, we would be aimless working zombies hitting brick walls. There would be no milestones worth hitting, no successes to be proud of, nothing to strive for, no reason to get out of bed and go to work! And just to be honest, it’s just bad business.

For a short time, I wanted the following statement to be exception to the rule regarding setting goals “ If the input is hard work put in then the eventual output would be a nice pay off later… (later) being the obvious “keyword” here. However, when is “later”? How is it possible to quantify “later” without the measurement of a given timeline? Without goals set in place how do we enumerate “later”?  We can’t, it is simply impossible.

I found a very inspirational quote about setting goals that resonated with me by Robert from The Shark Tank: “A goal without a timeline is only a dream.”


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