Business Start Up / Working from Home

Small Beginnings

Googling small business startup stories, I found an interesting article on about David Wehle, the creator of the fox adventure game, The First Tree.

David had no experience in coding; however, this did not limit his personal aspirations in making a video game. He used Unity and Play maker, visual scripting tools to make The First Tree.

He spent more hours learning how to use scripting tools than the actual making of the video game. It took 18 months to complete from beginning to end. He dedicated at least 10 hours a week of work towards his game while maintaining a full-time job and a family. Finally, on September 13, 2017 he launched The First Tree.

To stay focused on work, he had NO 0% days, which meant he made everyday count! Even just a little bit of work made a huge impact towards making The First Tree.

This may not be a traditional startup online business story, but what caught my attention was David’s journey…starting from Ground Zero, not knowing how to make a video game; to learning how to use scripting tools, all the way to finally launching The First Tree. His perseverance is admirable, and journey is absolutely inspirational!

Much like David, I have an average of 11 hours of actual work time a week. Each minute is accounted because tomorrow’s time is not promised. It is always assumed I may not have the same amount of time the next day.

It took a lot of time for me to get Hafa Adai Isla off the ground, but it happened, eventually. I worked every day since December 2020 towards opening the store on May 8, 2021, accounting for every minute! Countless hours were spent on research, reading, learning new sewing techniques, followed sew along tutorials, creating sewing patterns, making product (cutting and sewing pieces together) taking product photos, editing and posting.

If I ever get the opportunity to meet David Wehle, I would thank him for sharing his story.

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