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What About Home Schooling Curriculum? How To Pick One?

This is a continuation for home schooling.

Prior to planning and penciling a Pre K curriculum, I thought it was necessary to answer the following questions before I set forth on a curriculum. So here we go:

  • What is my teaching style?
  • What is my daughter’s learning style?
  • What does Texas law state regarding curriculum ?

Eclectic Education Method 

I am not sure what my teaching style will be, because I am new to the homeschooling arena! However, if I had to make a decision right now on a teaching style, it would be the Eclectic Education Method.

Eclectic, per the Merriam-Webster online dictionary is a noun that is defined as one who uses a method or approach that is composed of elements drawn from various sources: one who uses an eclectic method or approach.

So eclectically, I would borrow from various other methods such as Classical, Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Unschooling, and School-at-Home as needed when creating a weekly lesson plan.

Utilizing an eclectic teaching approach, I believe would put us in the right direction for me in the teaching role, and Lala as a student! If after a trial run, the eclectic method does not work, especially for my little student, then we will cross that bridge when we get there, and make adjustments as necessary.

Lala’s Learning Style

Lala is a visual learner! She is awesome at:

  • Remembering specific details about what she read or saw. She describes details via making colorful art and doodles in notebooks, chalkboard, drawing books, and construction paper. She also creatively expresses story details via tattooing her younger brother and coloring murals on house walls;
  • Visually navigating via touch screen on her android tablet to find ABC Mouse App, and independently search through various subjects and games of interest;
  • Demonstrating simple tasks using her hands to talk and simple words in completing chores or tasks because she has previously completed them prior, i.e. picking up toys followed by putting them back in correct toy bins, setting the dinner table prior to eating, washing a plate or a cup, and getting ready in the morning (morning routine – teeth brushing, comb hair, and change of clothes) and rinsing fruits and vegetables for food prep in the kitchen
  • Enjoys picture books, wall art (picture art, graphs, diagrams, and charts), coloring and painting

As I begin my Pre K curriculum search, I am keeping in my mind that Lala learns best as a visual learner! Just for fun, I completed a learning style quiz! Sure enough, I was right, Lala learns best visually!

Texas Law on curriculum

According to the Leeper Vs. Arlington Independent School District case, it states the following: A school-age child residing in the State of Texas who is pursuing under the direction of a parent or parents or one standing in parental authority in or through the child’s home in a bona fide (good faith, not a sham or subterfuge) manner a curriculum consisting of books, workbooks, other written materials, including that which appears on an electronic screen of either a computer or video tape monitor.

Curriculum designed to meet basic education goals of:

  • spelling
  • grammar
  • math
  • study of good citizenship

Curriculum can either be secular (curriculum with no religious basis) or religious. The Pre-K curriculum I am developing for my daughter is secular.

When choosing a curriculum, parents can go with a particular home schooling book publisher for all lessons or mix and match text books and and work books from various publishers.

As homeschooling parents, it is nice to know that local school districts have no authority to approve or disapprove homeschooling curriculum, so, in other words, it is is really up to you as long as parents or person with parental authority are in compliance with Texas law regarding curriculum.

Reviewing Texas Education Agency Pre K Curriculum

I referred to the TEA Pre – kindergarten guidelines as a point of reference to construct a home schooling curriculum for Lala, because I felt it was necessary to be aware of what types of Pre K lessons are being taught in the public school system and then align Lala’s curriculum as close as possible.

For Lala, since she will only be 4 years old when she starts Pre-K. My intent is to create a Pre-K curriculum that will fundamentally prepare her for the next grade level and thereafter, so that means, for her first year of home school, her main curriculum will be core lessons focusing on language arts ( grammar, spelling, handwriting, vocabulary), reading, writing, and math. Other lessons we are adding in is Arts and Crafts (sewing, card making and jewelry making), German as a second language and basic desk top computer skills.

By the completion of Pre K, my hope and goal end is that Lala will have be able to:

  • Write her name
  • Cut on a line using scissors
  • Sort objects by color, shape and size
  • Count out objects
  • Identify upper and lower case letters
  • Identify numbers
  • Identify colors
  • Become familiar with sight words
  • Retell a story
  • Improve on following simple directions
  • Answer simple questions Who? What? Where? When?
  • Become more fluent in German speaking
  • Understand the basics of computer usage
  • Enjoy and express personal creativity through arts and crafting
  • Independent study and play

And most importantly she will be up to speed with other kindergartners when she transitions into the Texas Public School system the next following year.

Books !

Home school curriculum is much like buying college text books….both are hefty out of pocket expenses for many home schooling families. I purchased 102 Top Picks for Home School Curriculum,by  Cathy Duffy on Amazon as a good reference guide for curriculum books. I found it to be very helpful.

However, curriculum doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, it can also be free as well. Homeschool your child for free,by LauraMaery Gold and Joan Zielinski may be a book that you want to consider reviewing.

Ways to search for curriculum:

  • Look online via online book sellers, and online stores;
  • Local library;
  • Book stores;
  • Home schooling book fairs;
  • Home schooling convections;
  • Borrow or swap curriculum books with other home school families

Right now, I am currently looking at different home schooling curriculums and trying to figure this out myself. It is a lot overwhelming! And honestly and utterly confused because there is so many terrific options.

Naturally, I want to run for the hills, because that seems more appealing than sitting down looking for a homeschooling curriculum all day. However, I will remain positive and diligent that I will devise a curriculum that will most benefit Lala!

Lastly, how do you teach good citizenship to a 4 year old? And how does one lesson plan? I am not sure at this time about either but will look into it and get back with ya’ll!

If you are teaching professional, or a home schooling guru reading this post, and would like to offer some guidance or suggestions on the subject of home schooling, curriculum, teaching methods, etc please leave me a comment as I am and forever remain grateful!

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