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I Heart Yoga Pants!

I heart yoga pants! Yep, you read that right! I am unequivocally, undeniably addicted to yoga pants, 24/7, three-hundred65!, 8 days a week! #YogaPantsLife! If ever given the choice to choose between denim skinny jeans or yoga pants…Which one would I wear for the rest of my life?! Of course, primetime choice would be ride-or-die-forever yoga pants, There is no other option for this yoga-pants-wearing kinda girl!!!!

Besides skinny jeans are so 2000’s!

Despite being a non-practicing yogi, I am an avid supporter and wearer of yoga pants! It is the most ideal stay-at-home mom uniform for this momma: yoga pants, matching color tee and mom bun!

Yoga pants is an easy choice before shorts, jeans, and skorts because there are no zippers, no strings, no buttons, no Velcro, no belts, no buckles which happily equates to “No, just pull’em up and go type fun pants!” They are very laid-back chill, easy to wash, tumble dry easy cleaning kinda pants 😊!

Yoga pants are durable, with very super charged all-around stretchy elasticity that universally welcomes all body types, short, tall, big, small and everybody in between. It neither discriminates, or passes judgement because there is a perfect pair of yoga pant for all ages, every body shape and size!

Mommin’ It Up Everyday in Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are great for chasing 3 kids around between the ages of 3 months to 4 years old. Within a 13-hour day, I am very likely to be found crawling, dancing, bending, squatting, popping, locking, waving, gliding, running, hula hooping, skipping, twirling, cartwheeling, twisting, and jumping…yoga pants make all these crazy moves possible!

Honestly, the two best and favorite features about yoga pants are tummy control and a built-in cell phone pocket. I love that I can always feel like I am 10 pounds lighter even after stuffing my face with tacos while never missing a phone call!

Depending on what family activities we are doing, I usually pair yoga pants with a simple solid color tee with athletics, flip flops, wedges or ballerina flats, even sometimes with festive knee high socks in severe cold weather, while singing out loud, sorely out of tune, Baby, It’s cold outside!

Types of Yoga Pants

As a yoga pants enthusiast, I have acquired a vast collection of all sorts of yoga pants, basicblack yoga, tight-fitted, boot-cut and reversible. And have sported every kind of color, red, yellow, green, indigo, violet, even animal print, food, rainbow, and tiedye print too.

Think of a theme or occasion, there is a pair of yoga pants for it: Christmas, Hannukah, New Years, Thanksgiving, Halloween, birthday, Valentines, St Patty’s day and 4th of July! If you prefer a food theme, there is a happy pair of yogas for that too, like donuts, avocados, ice cream, and coffee beans! Personally, I love it all!!!!

When and Where to Wear Yoga Pants

Anywhere and anytime yoga pants are considered acceptable attire: that’s almost anywhere, really:

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, and betweens
  • At home, chill-laxing with an iced cold coffee drink writing about one’s yoga pants obsession
  • Happy hour – any day of the week
  • At the park, walking a dog or two
  • Running away from a stampede of dogs that got loose while at the park
  • Running errands
  • Going through an airport TSA line to board a plane
  • At the post office buying stamps
  • They can be worn, spring, summer, fall and winter
  • Christmas caroling with family and friends in knee high snow
  • Dropping off and picking up kids to and from school
  • Jazzercise class
  • Zumba class
  • Doing yoga at sunrise, sea shore side
  • Walking around a large amusement park while eating funnel cakes
  • Wine tasting at a local winery with a visiting friend
  • Patiently waiting to pay for 11 items exactly at a 10 items only checkout lane at the grocery store
  • At Sams Wholesale purchasing obnoxiously large amounts of various oversized pastries
  • Eating donuts while pedaling on an exercise bike at the gym
  • Sneaking a triple cheese burger combo with a side of chocolate frosty into a movie theater

When and Where not to Wear Yoga Pants

  • At the workplace during working hours, not unless it’s an actual paid occupation such as a yoga master, fitness coordinator or dance instructor
  • To a job interview  
  • To a restaurant that has a strict dress code: Absolutely no yoga pants allowed
  • Sunday church
  • Meeting the pope
  • Meeting your partners parents for the first time
  • Fancy dinner that requires actual formal attire
  • Never to a court house to see a judge to avoid paying increased fines or penalties
  • Accepting a prestigious award

When Polyester Met Spandex

Yoga pants was happily created when 75% polyester got googly eyes for 25% spandex!!!!! It was a thing of fate, a bond like no other, an absolute Rom-Com kinda love. Polyester and spandex met at a singles speed dating mixer, they dated for a few months, got engaged, eventually married, and soon started a family then…BAAAMMM had a child and called it “Yoga Pants!”

Favorite Things About Yoga Pants

As noted earlier, an absolute personal favorite feature about a good pair of yoga pants is tummy control and cell phone pocket. Other yoga pants favorites include:

  • They are like working magicians! Yoga pants create a very slimming illusion, making me look like I am a runner or training for a triathlon
  • Even when I don’t feel like I have my life together, yoga pants are snug enough to keep me whole…at least from the waist down
  • Great for post abdomen surgery healing
  • Lastly, I always look like I am either going to or just got done from working out!!! For example: “Isla, you going to the gym?” My response to that question is automatically: “Uh-hu, yep!!” (silent nod and smile)

What to Wear With Yoga Pants

The possibilities are ENDLESS! These enchanting pair of stretchy pants can be worn up with a cute blouse, tunic or sundress above the knee, dress sweaters, light weight cardigans, cute open-toe shoes, high heels, flats, wedges, or boots too! To complete the look, to tie it all together, accessorize with a scarf, hat, hand bag, necklace or a cute pair of earrings. The sky is the limit!

On the other hand, yoga pants can be worn down, casually, with a favorite shirt and pair of athletics or flip flops. Maybe even, open toe sandals too?

This post was written just for fun, poking light humor at my very outrageous brontosaurs size collection of yoga pants. It is quite humorous and frankly, my husband thinks I am crazy! And that is okay, I appreciate his honesty!


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