Etsy Seller Violation?

Hafa Adai Friends

I woke up this morning to learn via email that Etsy deactivated one of my listings – most specifically the Black and Yellow Money Ribbon Lei? This particular lei was found to be in violation of an Etsy policy???

All day trying to reach out to an actual Etsy human customer service representative was impossible – a complete waste of time!!!

Rather than spending my day, trying to reach out to someone to get a thorough explanation of the policy that I am apparently in violation of, and get a resolution, I could have been doing actual productive work – working in my workshop, taking product photos, updating my shop, creating more product listings, writing my next blog post…and my house!!!!!? My house is in shambles, absolute chaos!

Etsy has no problem taking money from me and thousands of other sellers but can’t seem to get their stuff right and offer an actual phone number for sellers like me and others to call for issues, violations or concerns!! In my honest opinion, that is just BAD BUSINESS, cheap, and awful customer service!

Etsy annual revenue for 2022 was reported to be $2.329B! Thats a lot of money for a business that cannot afford to hire people to pick up a phone!

Email or online chat is the method of communication that Etsy uses for sellers and buyers when they need to make contact with an Etsy representative. I refuse to write a polite, professional, thoughtful email to inquire about a vague policy violation I am being cited for and sit and wait around, and hopefully get a human response if at all in two days? Three Days? Four days?!  I am fuming inside with all the time and effort I put into this online platform, but I refuse to be treated like a common criminal and can not be guaranteed a response in a reasonable time frame.

Money still needs to be made, and above all, I still need to support my family, so very tactfully, gracefully, and moral compass leading the way, I am taking my business and money elsewhere to another online platform. Its back to the drawing board for me!


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