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Turning a Hobby into a Home Business

Handcrafting ribbon leis is something I could do everyday, its a natural habit to pick up ribbons and start braiding with my eyes closed!!!!!

As a hobby and a business, I can complete at least 3 leis a week!!

After doing a quick research of the small community I live in – there is not one person or business that makes or offers ribbon leis. Many people where I live, order ribbon leis for their graduating loved ones via Etsy, Amazon or eBay. So I thought, this is an opportunity to turn my love for making ribbon leis into a small local business!

As of December 31, 2022, I officially turned a personal hobby of making ribbon leis into a business!

Transitioning from making ribbon leis as a hobby all the way into a home business has been really cool! I don’t see that I am doing anything different, still making ribbon leis.

However, as a business there are extras that need to get done – such as photo taking, photo editing, uploading products online, social media and marketing!

While making leis was just a hobby, I did not need to worry about marketing ribbon leis as a product – now I do. Since this is a small business operation with $0 start up money, I have been doing word-of-mouth marketing – every chance I get to speak to someone, I tell anybody about my ribbon leis, such as friends and family, dog groomer, medical and administrative staff at local pediatrician office, the impatient police officer who stopped me for having a broken tail light (he let me go with a warning!), my US post delivery person, grocery store workers, and most recently my bug spray guy!

Alright ya’ll, back to the business of making ribbon leis!

Please stop by my ebay store and youtube Channel for ribbon leis.

Offering Free Shipping on my eBay Store?

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