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20 questions continued….

In a deleted published post, I mentioned I found a website with 20 questions about starting a business and in that same deleted post, I proposed that I would respond to each question over a course of 5 days all the while being an etsy seller. However, I have severed working ties with the etsy platform and took the high road, moved over to eBay.

Even though, I am now an ebay seller, I still have a commitment to answer all 20 questions to completion. I am continuing where I left off, so here we go!

• Am I a better leader or do I need a partner who I can rely on to help blaze a path for me?

I think, so far, I am doing okay working independently as a solo entrepreneur. Everyday is planned out! All work responsibilities, meetings, and appointments are scheduled and organized in a daily planner.
Honestly, having the ability to take charge, call the shots, and making decisions is something I have always wanted to do.

Am I ready to devote the necessary time, resources and capital to be successful in business?

Yes, since I opened my business, December 31, 2022, I work 7 days a week, and devote time anywhere I can find it between child care, baby naptimes, cooking, laundry, doctor appointments, and way into the evening until at least 1130-ish pm every day.

Resources – I am maximizing everything I got to create a successful business, my MBA degree – applying knowledge I gained from college, physical resources – work space, various technological devices such laptops, smart phone, camera, camcorder, digital camera, camera lights, photo and video editing software; emotional resources – the love and support from the familia has been a true blessing, they are truly the best! The love of my life my husband, mom and dad, kids and 25+ family members, and friends are all on board – they are all very encouraging, supportive, offer inspirations and motivate me.

Capital – there was not much that I needed to start my business initially. And I don’t need any extra capital at the present time, currently working within my financial means.

Am I in a good place physically, mentally and emotionally to dedicate a lot of time and energy into starting a new business?

Absolutely, since 2019 to the end of 2022 was a period of time where I had to focus on my health – physically, mentally and emotionally, I required assistance from immediate family. Anything work related had to be postponed until a much later time, tentatively until I was able to regain strength and be without assistance. Now, that I am 1000% better, I am very much in a good place in my life to start a new business. I am a very blessed, happy, abled body working 8 days a week!

Stay tuned for the next installment of questions !!!!


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