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Answering More Questions.

Am I open to meeting new people and listening to a variety of new ideas?

I am most definitely open to meeting new people because like a student on the first day of class, I am ready to listen and take lots of notes! Along with new ideas, I will gladly also accept hacks, ins-outs, recommendations, suggestions, fruit-for-thought, pearls-of-wisdom, articulations, directives, tips, point-of-views….EVERYTHING!

Is my past education and experience relevant to the industry I’m looking at?

My education is a Masters in Business Administration, and a Bachelors degree in Organizational   and Development – I believe that my college education is relevant and desireable, but not necessary.

My past work experience is primarily in the healthcare industry,  very unrelated to the type of work I do now – but all that does not matter.

What are my financial goals, both personally and for the business?

My personal goals are practical, simple and logical:

  • Grow an emergency fund – because that is absolutely necessary;
  • Purchase a house and pay off the mortgage in 10 years
  • Save up for retirement

Business financial goals

  • Increase sales for more revenue
  • Decrease business expenses
  • Increase profit

Alright ya’ll, I am almost done working through these questions! More later!


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